The University of Lincoln is delighted to extend its invitation to prospective scholars for the January 2024 intake. With the advent of the upcoming year, the university is making preparations to welcome a heterogeneous group of motivated individuals who are keen to commence their educational pursuits.

The University of Lincoln is widely recognised for its distinguished professors, pioneering research initiatives, and dynamic campus environment, establishing itself as a prominent institution of academic distinction. 

This university remains a highly sought-after choice for students pursuing higher education due to its dedication to promoting innovation, cultivating critical thinking skills, and creating a global outlook.

Offered programmes in January Intake 2024

Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment

  • MSc Construction Science and Management 

Lincoln School of Design

  • MA Interior Architecture and Design 

Lincoln School of Film, Media and Journalism

  • MA Media and Communications

Lincoln International Business School

  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc Accounting and Finance 
  • MSc Marketing 
  • MSc International Business 
  • MSc Logistics and Global Operations 
  • MSc Management 
  • MSc Management with Project Management 
  • MSc Management with Human Resources 
  • MSc Project Management

Lincoln Law School

  • LLM International Corporate and Commercial Law
  • LLM International Law

Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology

  • MSc Agri-Food Technology
  • MSc Agri-Food Technology (with Professional Practice) 

School of Chemistry

  • MSc Analytical Sciences 

School of Computer Science 

  • MSc Computer Science

School of Engineering

  • MSc Engineering Management

School of Education

  • MA Education

Prospective scholars can expect a smooth transition into their selected academic programmes, facilitated by committed faculty members and a variety of resources specifically tailored to enrich the educational journey. 

Moreover, the dynamic urban centre of Lincoln offers a stimulating environment for scholarly endeavours, characterised by a harmonious fusion of historical allure and contemporary conveniences.

The University of Lincoln eagerly anticipates the arrival of a new cohort of students in January 2024, as they bring with them a diverse range of skills, knowledge, and viewpoints. 

This influx of talent will contribute to the already vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment of the university’s academic community. This is the commencement of a novel phase for students who are positioned to leave a significant impact on the global stage.

We cordially invite you to partake in the commemoration of this momentous announcement, and make the necessary arrangements to commence a profound educational expedition in January 2024 at the esteemed University of Lincoln.