The United Kingdom Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) will be responsible for the management and distribution of a bursary plan amounting to £670,000. This scheme aims to provide financial support to a total of 15 students pursuing their studies in the Textile Innovation and Sustainability Bachelor of Science programme at the University of Leeds. The duration of this bursary scheme will span over a period of three years.

The bursary provides financial support for 50% of the tuition fees and also offers assistance in covering living expenses.

The primary objective of this effort is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively tackle forthcoming environmental concerns within the textile sector.

The UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) has announced the management of a £670,000 bursary project to provide financial support for 15 students each year for a period of three years. This initiative aims to assist individuals pursuing the Textile Innovation and Sustainability BSc programme at the University of Leeds, commencing in September 2024. The bursary will encompass 50% coverage of student costs as well as provide a financial contribution to support living expenses.

David Collinge, representing the Worshipful Company of Weavers’ Textile Committee, assumed a crucial role in influencing the design of the curriculum for the recently established course. He said: “This three-year programme, which also offers an optional industry placement year, will significantly lower the barriers to entry into the UK textile industry. Our aspiration is for this course to become the ‘go-to’’ destination for textile employers seeking to recruit skilled and experienced textile technology graduates with industry-relevant expertise.

The BSc course in Textile Innovation and Sustainability aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of sustainable textile materials, methods, and products. The curriculum has been designed to effectively cater to the practical requirements of the sector, incorporating important placement and career opportunities facilitated by firms. Include required modules in the curriculum to help students learn more about textiles in general and allow students to focus on specific areas that are relevant to their career goals through optional modules.

The recently introduced Bachelor of Science programme in Textile Innovation and Sustainability at the University of Leeds is founded upon the institution’s longstanding tradition of textile education spanning over 150 years. 

The school’s deputy head and an associate professor of sustainable textile manufacturing, Dr. Muhammad Tausif, stated that in addition to our cutting-edge curriculum and our well-equipped laboratories, we will forge strong relationships with industry stakeholders. Through these collaborations, we will provide students with valuable opportunities for industrial placements and scholarships.

Adam Mansell, CEO of UKFT, said: “The course has been tailored to address the skills gap in the UK textile industry, providing a new generation of textile technologists capable of innovating sustainable textile solutions to global environmental and social challenges. With many industry technologists aged 55 and over, there is a real need for younger, trained professionals to fill their shoes as they retire. The design and launch of the course have received widespread support from the UK textile industry, coordinated by UKFT and the Textile Livery Group.

The curriculum will integrate several subjects like ethical fashion, environmentally-friendly textile production, knitted textiles and techniques, nonwoven goods and techniques, textile dyeing and finishing, and technical textiles. In their final year, students will engage in a significant research endeavour, making use of the state-of-the-art research resources available at the University of Leeds.