The UK was the first western country to introduce the COVID-19 Vaccine during The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine went through every clinical trial and finally, the experts declared it safe to provide it to the population. UK Prioritises Vaccination Drive for the International Students. They will also get the vaccine.

UK Prioritises Vaccination Drive

The COVID-19 vaccine has been proved safe and is the most effective one to date. The government of the UK has already promised to support international students. So, the good news is that UK international students will get this support and be vaccinated very soon. We can only hope that the September intake will be safe for all foreign students after this UK Prioritises Vaccination Drive.

Universities minister Michelle Donelan thanks the international students for their patience through an open letter. She promises to ensure support and guidance to the students in this hard time.

A new survey by QS has uncovered during this (UK Prioritises Vaccination Drive) vaccine success that more than a fifth (21%) of international students have an interest in studying in the UK and moving ahead to achieve their goals. International students expressed that there was no such risk or reason to move back.

Donelan has again shared that UK borders are open. The UK prioritises vaccination drives for its education sector. It will be delighted to welcome its existing and new international students again. In the upcoming intakes, students can feel free to attend campuses and courses.