Commencing in the year 2023, doctorate students from Egypt who are engaged in their academic pursuits at the esteemed University of Essex will have the opportunity to avail themselves of a noteworthy reduction of 30% on their tuition expenses.

The aforementioned declaration is a result of a formal understanding reached among the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the University of Essex.

Eligibility for this offer is limited to students who have been nominated by Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This offer is applicable to students who are enrolled in recognised programmes at the institution, including those who are studying full-time, visiting, or previously enrolled.

The University of Essex also offers a range of structured activities aimed at enhancing students’ experiences.

The objective of the offer is to facilitate and strengthen cooperation in research endeavours that are of shared interest, as well as promote the exchange of students and faculty members, the establishment of academic programmes that span across borders, and the implementation of dual-degree programmes.