QA Higher Education has recently introduced an innovative international medical foundation diploma in the United Kingdom, specifically designed for high school students from around the world.

The programme has been developed in collaboration with Northumbria University to establish a framework for students aspiring to pursue a career in the field of medicine.

The QA’s test showed that students can improve their biology, chemistry, and math skills by using a complete method that includes both classroom lessons and hands-on lab work.

Furthermore, an emphasis is placed on the development of English language competency, encompassing many aspects such as academic vocabulary, writing proficiency, and the ability to engage in self-directed language acquisition.

St. George’s University (SGU), a Caribbean medical school, has established a partnership with QA to offer post-course prospects for students. By means of affiliation, students who successfully finish the foundation course and satisfy the admissions requirements may potentially qualify for enrollment in SGU’s medical degree programme.

Individuals who are able to successfully obtain admission to SGU’s course have the option to commence their studies either in Granada or at Northumbria University throughout the initial two years of the programme.

Simon Nelson, CEO of QA Higher Education, said, “The international medical foundation diploma programme provides aspiring medical students with a comprehensive pathway to acquire the essential knowledge and skills required for success in their medical studies.”

We strive to provide the best academic preparation to students who have the potential to become great medical school students and later on become tomorrow’s physicians.”

The SGU and Northumbria University have established a longstanding partnership, wherein more than 2000 students pursue their medical degrees through the SGU’s route programme at the UK university.

According to Dr. James Coey, the assistant dean of basic sciences at SGU, the partnership with QA Higher Education is expected to facilitate the enrollment of the subsequent 2,000 students in this distinctive educational programme, thereby cultivating the future generation of medical professionals who will contribute significantly to the enhancement of global healthcare.