The much-anticipated pre-departure event was hosted on January 2, 2024, at Gulshan Shooting Club, Dhaka. This event is dedicated to all of the exceptional students who are about to embark on a life-changing adventure across the UK’s academic landscape. We are overjoyed to extend heartfelt greetings to the student’s parents, spouses, and dependents who have attended the event.

This pre-departure event is not just an ordinary gathering; it’s a celebration of knowledge, connections, and endless opportunities. We are elated to share that we have curated this event for approximately 500 students, each of whom holds the promise of a brighter future in the UK’s many top-ranked universities.

The distinguished presence of Wahid Zaman (Regional Manager), HM Shahjalal (Regional Manager), and Mahfooz Kushal (Regional Marketing Manager) made the event momentous. Their abundance of knowledge demonstrates their dedication to ensuring that students’ journeys begin with excellence.

Ahz's pre departure event 2024
Pre-departure event 2024: empowering uk-bound students for success! 3

Moreover, this pre-departure event is designed to arm students with essential insights, vital information, an ice-breaking session, quiz content, and many exciting sessions. The students and guests spontaneously joined these sessions with a delicious dinner. From travel tips and arrival guidance to cultural nuances and academic insights, AHZ is here to ensure they are fully equipped to embrace this new chapter of their lives with confidence.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the students and their families who were able to attend this special event. We are grateful for their commitment to education as well as the faith their families have placed in us.

AHZ believes in students’ ability to create a meaningful impact, not just within their own lives but within the global community. We wish they would embrace every opportunity, learn from every experience, and forge ahead with unwavering determination.