London Metropolitan University is pleased to announce the commencement of the admissions process for the January 2024 intake. The esteemed establishment, renowned for its dedication to upholding high standards in both education and research, is enthusiastic about embracing a new group of students into its dynamic scholarly environment.

They have a new school called the School of Built Environment and have 3 courses in this school which are available in January 2024 intake.

MSc Real Estate 

If one desires to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of real estate surveying, the Real Estate MSc programme is an excellent choice. Pursuing a profession in the field of real estate can yield significant benefits, presenting a multitude of captivating prospects for individuals to delve into.
The School of the Built Environment at London Metropolitan University has developed a conversion course aimed at cultivating individuals into esteemed real estate professionals who possess the skills necessary to effectively confront and overcome obstacles. Know the details here:

Details: Real Estate – MSc

MSc Quantity surveying 

The demand for competent construction workers is experiencing a notable rise, both within the United Kingdom and on a global scale. This programme will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance the value of projects on a global scale.

By engaging in authentic learning and assessment, individuals will acquire advanced expertise in the fields of quantity surveying and commercial management. Your role will be essential to the establishment and preservation of a sustainable built environment. Check the entry requirements here:

Entry Requirements: Quantity Surveying – MSc

MSc Construction Project Management 

The demand for proficient construction project managers is experiencing a consistent upward trend, both within the United Kingdom and on a global scale. 

By enrolling in the Construction Project Management MSc programme, individuals will acquire advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen sector, hence enhancing their career opportunities and potential for higher remuneration. 

If one possesses aspirations to oversee projects and have a tangible impact on the constructed environment, then this particular course may prove to be an ideal fit. Check details here: 

Details: Construction Project Management – MSc

London Metropolitan University is nestled in a highly culturally varied and dynamic city, providing a multitude of benefits beyond its commitment to academic success. Students are provided with the chance to fully engage with the diverse array of cultural, social, and professional environments that London has to offer. 

This vibrant metropolis offers a plethora of attractions, ranging from world-class museums to bustling markets, ensuring a constant stream of new discoveries for visitors.

The January 2024 intake at London Metropolitan University provides students with an opportunity to commence a stimulating educational endeavour. This intake provides an opportunity for individuals who are considering pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, or research studies to access a high-quality education and a promising career.