It has been 10 years since AHZ Associates began the journey of forging business partnerships towards making students’ individual dreams of securing a UK university degree come true.
Today marks a decade and whilst the celebration is on-going, it will be held at Whitechapel Road with representatives from all global branches in attendance right in the heart of London, United Kingdom.

10 years Calibrations

The following are the highlights of major changes that happened in the last year to crown the efforts of the preceding 9 years.
Over 300,000 students have been served through about 100 UK education fairs. Within the space of one year, over 50,000 applications have been submitted to two universities, in addition to the 50,000 that were done in the preceding 9 years.
To top it all off, we have been able to forge business partnerships with reputable and respectable universities and educational institutions.

While our core values remained the same and work practices even better, the efforts of the management and colleagues have been of immeasurable impact to the growth of the company, yielding over 19 top recruitment awards.
In our spectacular program, we will honour our respected partners, over seventy-five well-known UK universities, global branch managers, and country managers from all over the world.

Also, 98% of our students express satisfaction while we ensure that the services rendered remain 100% free of charge to them.
The celebration is not only at the location where the event is held but also at over 35 of our global branches and at the heart of our entire team of colleagues, partners, and students.

We make every effort to maintain our dignity. We intend to reminisce with their academic comrades about the past and the long road we’ve travelled together. It will be a night to remember, and we hope that it will bring us happiness and prosperity throughout our lives.