What aspiring lawyers need to know about the bptc

The ‘bar’ in the UK refers to lawyers and barristers who play a critical part in advising and advocating laws and rights. The Bar Professional Training Course or BPTC is needed to be taken by every aspiring barrister before attending pupillage. The BPTC is a course that spans over one year. Those who want to become a barrister need to be trained accordingly and given the tools and skills that they will need during pupillage and then during the career as a barrister. Here are the things that all aspiring lawyers need to know about the BPTC.

Eligibility Criteria For The BPTC

In order to qualify for the BPTC, one needs to have either a law-related degree with a Graduate Diploma in law (GDL) or have an LLB law degree of a lower second class (2.2 classifications). It should be noted that applicants cannot be guaranteed a seat for the BPTC always as it is a highly competitive course with a limited amount of seats. One needs a degree with a high grade, an overall exceptional academic record and enough practical application that can help you secure a place in the BPTC.

What Will Happen During the BPTC

During the course of the BPTC, students will be trained vocationally and will be made to hone and utilize their skills over all important areas in order to qualify for pupillage. The areas span over the following:

  • Negotiation techniques
  • Legal research
  • Advocacy
  • Conferencing
  • Documentation

Besides this, an aspiring barrister will need to have joined one of the Inns of Court before they can qualify for the BPTC. Some do this before their BPTC commences but in order to make the full use of their varied facilities, it is recommended to join beforehand. You will get the chance to experience the social activities that you should expect taking part in once you are a barrister, so it advised to join in advance.

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Over the course of your BPTC, the student needs to attend at least 12 sessions at the Inns of Court that you are a part of. The results of the sessions will help determine whether you are qualified enough to become a barrister and be called to the bar.

If you have passed all 12 sessions, then you will be able to complete and pass your BPTC. Resits are usually allowed for students but your chance to acquire pupillage may be hindered if you do so.

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