Study BSC in Accounting provide students with vital knowledge and skills in the field. Students are benefitted from getting theoretical but also practical accounting information.

The students that are focused and really passionate about the field have the potential and opportunity to continue their studies followed by a master degree. Some of the courses that are available in the UK study in Accounting can be found below:

Below you will find most of the UK programs that are offered.

  • Accountancy BAcc

  • Accountancy BAcc (Hons)

  • Accountancy BA (Hons)

  • Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)

  • Accounting and Economics BSc (Hons)

  • Accounting/ Italian (4 years) BA (Hons)

  • Accounting/ Spanish (4 years) BA (Hons)

  • French Accounting (4 years) BA (Hons)

  • German Accounting (4 years) BA (Hons)

  • Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Business Management and Finance

  • Accounting and Finance (Foundation Year) Foundation Certificate

  • Accounting and Finance for International Business (Top-Up ) BA Hons

  • Business and Finance BA (Hons)

  • Finance and Investment BA (Hons)

  • Professional Accounting BA (Hons)

  • Accounting and Finance (with Placement Year) BSc (Hons)

  • Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons)

  • Banking and Finance with Placement

  • Business Management and Finance (with placement year) BSc (Hons)

  • Accounting and Financial Information Systems BA (Hons)

  • Business with Finance (Year 3 Entry)

  • Finance and Investment Banking (Extended) BA (Hons)

  • Finance and Investment Banking Extended BA (Hons)

  • Finance and Investment Banking (Year 3 Entry) BSc Hons

  • Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry BA (Hons)

  • Mathematics and Accounting and Finance (3 or 4 Years) BA Hons

  • Law and Accounting and Finance 4 Years BA Hons

  • Finance and Investment with a year in Industry Bsc

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Course Details BSC in Accounting

This program is designed with all basic knowledge of accounting. This is also professional oriented course. Who wants a career in accountancy profession can choose it. Bsc in accounting in UK is a three or four years long course. This course will also help to understand capital markets, business concepts and financial system operations.

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Entry Requirements

  • A levels or equivalent
  • Some universities require GCSE/iGCSE, International Baccalaureate
  • English language: Minimum 5.5
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Fee range

£10,000- £20,000


There are many prestigious scholarships offered by UK institutions for the students of accounting.  Some famous scholarships are-

  1. ICAS Foundation Bursary
  2. EY Assurance Scholarship
  3. Director of Programmes (Accounting & Finance) Scholarship– BPP University
  4. JSCCA Bursary
  5. Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd Scholarship – University of Warwick
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The big accountancy firms, financial institutions or large multinational enterprises always search for accounting professionals. So, the UK graduates of this subject never suffer for jobs. A survey says, an accountant in the UK earn £62,042 per year. Accountant, controller, Staff and tax accountant, CPA and many other demandable jobs are available all over the world.

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