A career in cybersecurity degree is one of the more wanted and top-considered degrees nowadays. The reason is that this digital era is giving many high-tech security challenges to companies. Cyber hackers always seek a chance to destroy valuable software, hardware, or information straight away. So, the cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly, and skills in this area are highly sought-after. But, companies struggle sometimes with the skill gaps in this field, so they hire humanities graduates to fill roles, so long as they have some form of experience or certification. A UK higher degree in Cyber Security can surely help to overcome these gaps and make a special career in cybersecurity in this demanding field.

Why Cyber Security is Important for an Organisation?

Any organisation needs super protection for its sensitive data. The reason is that cyber threats have become common nowadays. Phishing, ransomware, and engineering attacks are common among them. Again, the concept of risk management, viruses, identity theft, and others are related to online safety. A deep understanding of cyber security is important since the modern age depends on this wider world of online services. The companies will need to apply a strong security policy to create a strong guard.

3 Reasons to Explore the career in Cybersecurity Industry

There are some definite reasons for people’s interest to break into one of these roles. Here’s our top three…

1. Future-proof your career: As we know online safety is necessary for todays’ almost every company, so, the demands of skilled professionals are high. The main career in cybersecurity is to track and target hackers. And, investors are investing big amounts in this field for product durability. So, there are expanded fields of cybersecurity professionals around the world. Moreover, records say, there’s been a 0% unemployment rate in the cybersecurity sector since 2011. Some common job roles of this sector are-

  • Cybersecurity Engineer,
  • Specialist,
  • Administrator,
  • Analyst,
  • Architect,
  • Consultant etc.

2. Increase ability to face challenges: With the growing field of technology, new puzzles come frequently for the experts. If you are a true passionate then these will excite you with new experiences. By dealing with different problems you can increase your ability and problem-solving capability. There will not any fixed tactics always, you have to discover and implement new ones to overcome the risks. So, in this field professionals have opportunities to learn smartly and raise new challenges with solutions.

3. Impressive salaries: Big posts and expert people earn smart salaries, no doubt, and a career in  cybersecurity is such a field that is dominating the modern technological sectors today. Many renowned organizations lost billions of dollars to cyber-attacks. So, to protect digital information and fight against those risks, companies are hiring skilled people with great salaries. According to the (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study in 2019, cybersecurity jobs are pleasing to 71% of cybersecurity specialists in the USA. Besides, 84% of world cybersecurity employees are satisfied with their positions. In terms of earnings, we can see the example of the United Kingdom. The overall salary for cyber security jobs is £62,500 in the country.

So, if you have an interest in this demanding subject and want to apply abroad, then you must go for it. The UK is one of the dream countries for higher education that you can choose from. Students from different backgrounds of the bachelor can still choose a career in cybersecurity courses. Pursuing a career in this rewarding industry is certainly worth a shot.

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