AHZ- Bangladesh (Uttara) team

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Smita BosuBranch Manager
Jubayar AlamCounsellor
Mir Asif AliCounsellor
Shahnaj ShathiCounsellor

AHZ- Bangladesh (Uttara) team

Smita BosuBranch Manager
Jubayar AlamCounselor
Mir Asif AliCounselor
Shahnaj ShathiCounselor

Study abroad | Best UK education consultant in Uttara 

AHZ is a well-known education consultancy firm in Dhaka that is located in the United Kingdom and is known for its dynamism and energy. Helping international students get their higher education careers off the ground in the UK is AHZ’ core mission, with the overarching goal of reaching a higher level of professional education.

We have more than 140 agreements with prestigious UK Universities, and each of the skilled members of our UK-graduated experts is ready to support you in your journey at any of our offices located across the globe. From assisting you in selecting the most appropriate programme and university for you to assisting you in adjusting to your inaugural day at your new university, and everything in between, it is our mission to provide international students with a variety of services that are personalised to meet the specific requirements of each student.

The perks of choosing AHZ 

Free of cost

The entire admissions process that will be provided to a student will be completely free. We have a perfectly tailored plan for getting accepted into a UK University. You can avail yourself of our service by requesting a callback from us. We have global offices worldwide and are ready to serve you at your best.

Saving time

When we start working on your application, we begin our background work. We will plan and schedule everything important and keep you informed about the upcoming steps. This will help you save time and focus on other things when you prepare for your success.

Best coaching and counselling

Counsellors who are UK graduates know things better than anyone. Our Educational Specialists are UK graduates who will assist you with applying to a particular university, the entry requirements of the institution, the documents required by the university, the score to be achieved, and much more. They are the best-trained and best-qualified professionals who will always keep in touch with the students and guide them in the right direction in their education.

Availing of our fee-based services will be a very beneficial and optimal choice when applying for UK Education. If you are looking for an educational consultant in Uttara or a visa consulting firm in Dhaka near you, we are here to help you. Our experienced team of Educational Specialists is looking forward to turning your UK Education dream into reality. AHZ will also guide you through making the best career choice. Feel free to connect with us and get the most out of us.

How can I get a UK Student visa from Bangladesh?

To apply for a UK student visa from Bangladesh, you can contact AHZ, who will guide you to choose a course and university, get an acceptance letter, prepare your application, and provide end-to-end services.

What is the Student visa fee for the UK from Bangladesh?

Cost of a UK Student Visa Before 2023 in Bangladesh, obtaining a student visa will cost you close to BDT 37,480. The cost of a visa for six months is BDT 10,447, while the cost for eleven months is BDT 20,033.

How do I apply for a UK student visa from Bangladesh?

If you are a Bangladesh citizen and want to study in the United Kingdom, first, you need to choose a course and a university in the UK, check the visa requirements and make sure you meet them. You can contact AHZ after you fill out the online visa application form and pay the visa fee.

Why is the British education system good?

The National Curriculum also ensures good education in a wide range of subjects and sets criteria for each subject. It also guarantees primary and secondary students learn the same things.

Which consultancy is best for a UK study?

AHZ, a trusted educational consulting organisation in Bangladesh with a reputation for helping students succeed, can guide you on your academic journey in the UK.