Study overseas with a UK education consultant in Jordan

Are you considering studying in the UK? AHZ, the top UK education consultant in Jordan, takes charge of the entire admissions journey for students aspiring to pursue their education in the UK. With direct affiliations with over 140 esteemed UK universities, we proudly maintain our role as trusted representatives of these institutions. We guide students through every phase of the process, from beginning the application process to securing admission to their preferred UK university and facilitating their arrival in the UK.

Instead of worrying over your prospects, entrust your academic aspirations to us. Whether you aim for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, or any other programme in the UK, we ensure your placement at a university.

How the process begins

Once you’ve submitted your application to us, our team of educational experts will immediately begin processing it. Below is an outline of how we will handle your application.

Request a callback

Simply fill out a short application form on our website, providing your details. You can trust that we will protect your personal information. We anticipate collecting your information and getting started on the processing right away. Sharing your information allows us to keep you informed about current and future study opportunities in the UK.

Schedule a meeting

Our team of UK educational experts is ready to provide you with insights into UK universities and campus experiences. Book an appointment with one of our specialists to gain comprehensive knowledge about studying in the UK. Study Abroad Consultant Amman is now available to assist international students.

Confirming your qualification

UK universities set specific entry criteria for international students. To ensure you meet these requirements, it’s crucial to confirm your eligibility with us. Rest assured, we’ll carefully assess your qualifications to prevent any setbacks.

Selecting your university and programme

With over 140 UK universities listed in our extensive database, you’ll have plenty of options to explore. We’ll ensure you have a diverse selection to choose from. Once you’ve identified your preferred UK university and programme, we’ll assist you in assessing various factors such as entry requirements, admissions procedures, qualifications, experience, budget, and more.

Scholarships and financial assistance

Studying in the UK from Jordan can be expensive, but we offer scholarships to ease the financial burden. UK universities prioritise international students, often providing scholarships exclusively for those from overseas. We’ll assist you in managing your financial resources based on your budget and available scholarship opportunities.

Prompt offer letter

We’ll ensure you receive the offer letter from your chosen university swiftly. After completing the interview process and obtaining university approval, you’ll promptly receive your offer letter.

Pre- and post-departure support

Celebrate your admission to a UK university with us as we organise pre-departure events to ease your transition. We understand your concerns about finding accommodation and adjusting to life abroad. Rest assured, we’ll keep in touch upon your arrival to provide support with your lodging needs.

AHZ stands as the most trusted and dependable UK education consultancy in Amman. What sets us apart is our commitment to treating students like family, and offering round-the-clock support. Reach out to us to kickstart your journey to your preferred university.

Which agency provides the most reliable student visa services in Amman, Jordan?

AHZ stands out as a great choice for student visa processing in Amman. We manage your visa application with great care to ensure its success and avoid denials.

How can I select the finest educational consultant in Amman, Jordan?

Simply request a call back from AHZ to discover more about our team of top UK graduates, who serve as trained counsellors. They will meticulously process your application and assist you in selecting the perfect university for your aspirations.

How can I begin the process of acquiring a UK student visa from Amman, Jordan?

If you’re a resident of Amman, Jordan seeking to pursue studies in the United Kingdom, begin by selecting a course and university in the UK, then verify the visa prerequisites to ensure compliance. Once you’ve completed the online visa application form and paid the visa fee, you can reach out to AHZ for further assistance.

Are there any charges associated with AHZ’s educational consultancy services?

AHZ extends a suite of complimentary services to aid international students in their endeavour to study in the UK. They do not levy any fees for their consulting services.

What offerings does an educational consultant extend?

Educational consultants offer a diverse array of services to students which includes educational testing and evaluation, suggestions regarding academic programmes, aid with university applications, and counsel on scholarship opportunities, along with guidance on career exploration, and more.

Is the quality of education in the UK commendable?

The UK education system enjoys global esteem, with its universities ranking among the finest worldwide. Offering a range of choices including state-funded, private, and international institutions, UK universities are accredited and closely regulated, ensuring a standard of excellence. In essence, the UK education system is widely acknowledged for delivering top-tier education to students.

How do I secure a UK student visa from Amman, Jordan?

For those seeking a UK student visa from Amman, Jordan, AHZ provides comprehensive assistance. From helping you select suitable courses and universities to obtaining acceptance letters and preparing visa applications, we offer support throughout the entire process.

What’s the structure of the British education system?

In the UK, education is mandatory for children aged 5 to 18. Typically, children aged 3 to 4 attend nursery school, followed by a reception class at primary school from ages 4 to 5. Primary education spans ages 5 to 11, followed by secondary education from ages 11 to 18, with options for further or higher education thereafter.

Does AHZ exclusively collaborate with UK universities?

AHZ serves as a trusted representative for leading universities in the UK, facilitating international students’ access to the UK education system.