Welcome to AHZ- (Perinthalmanna) team

Zainul Abid VKBranch Manager
Anand Mohan EVSenior Education Counsellor
Nishad Ali MSenior Education Counsellor
Aswathi VijayanEducation Counsellor
Harsha PEducation Counsellor
Sowparnika VREducation Counsellor

Welcome to AHZ- (Perinthalmanna) team

Zainul Abid VKBranch Manager
Anand Mohan EVSenior Education Counsellor
Nishad Ali MSenior Education Counsellor
Aswathi VijayanEducation Counsellor
Harsha PEducation Counsellor
Sowparnika VREducation Counsellor

Study abroad | Best and reliable UK education consultant in Perintalmanna

Are you planning to study abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom? Are you searching for a reputed and trustworthy UK Education Consultant in Perintalmanna, India? We’re here to assist you to choose the top UK university for Indian students and the right course which will be suitable for your future career.

Our experts will guide you to find the right university and course based on your academic background, career plan, and other credentials for free. Additionally, we’ll submit the appropriate application to the university on your behalf and book accommodation for you near your campus.

Our qualified UK education counsellors in Perinthalmanna will also give you some original and practical recommendations regarding your degree.

AHZ is the best and most recognised UK education consultant in Perinthalmanna because of its honesty, efficiency, fast, and secured services. We are also the best educational consultancy company in the UK when it comes to honesty and openness.

AHZ runs its business from 45 global offices with more than 500+ expert counsellors. Our compliance department and skilled counsellors are totally committed to helping overseas students get the finest admissions at reputable universities.

We also assist with UK education scholarships for Indian students and visa applications for students.

Additionally, when you arrive at the UK airport, our professionals will be there to meet you and transport you to your new residence. Make an appointment and stop by our office if you wish to meet and speak with our education counsellors.

Our free student admission services

  • Our consultants will help and support you in choosing the best programmes and institutions based on your future goals from the start of your time as an international student.
  • You must do a lot of research to decide on your favorite subject and course provider. As you are aware, there are many different course types and levels available in the UK, including the International Foundation Programme, International Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research Programme. As a result, if you come to our Perinthalmanna office, our UK education counsellors in Perinthalmanna will help you.
  • When you first arrive in Perinthalmanna as an Indian student, our expert UK education consultants in Perinthalmanna will help and guide you in choosing the right courses and universities based on your future objectives. Therefore, for your admission, we suggest that you book a free individual counselling appointment.
  • Different entry requirements could be applicable depending on the nation and the programme. Although most Institutes follow UK NARIC, others have requirements for certain Majors, grades, course lengths, job experience, English language proficiency, and other variables.
  • You won’t need to worry even if it could be a challenging process once AHZ is on your side. You will receive assistance from our experts at every stage up until you learn the outcome of your visa application.
  • We provide students with a full range of complimentary services. We provide one of the fastest UK admission services in Perinthalmanna, and all of our services are provided by highly qualified staff. You can arrange a meeting with one of our advisers if you have any queries concerning our student services.
  • We represent more than 140 universities from around the UK. Most of the time, our consultants try to address all of your inquiries; but, if you’d prefer to speak with an international admissions officer of a partner university, we can also make arrangements for that. Please complete the form requesting for a callback and explaining why you need one in order to make an appointment.
  • The government offers several commercial and governmental institutions in addition to a sizable number of bursaries and scholarships. Before submitting an application for any of these scholarships and Get up to £5000* scholarships, be sure to review the prerequisites and deadline.
  • International students who successfully complete an undergraduate degree at a UK institution of higher learning and who are in possession of an active Tier 4 or Student visa at the time of application are qualified to apply for a Post Study Work Visa (PSW), a Graduate Immigration route type of UK visa that enables them to remain and work in the UK.

Our strength

  • We have a 98% satisfaction rate for the services we offer.
  • Our expert counsellors are all UK graduates and offer guidance to our students.
  • All of our services are free and provided by university-trained specialists.
  • As part of our work for UK colleges, we provide unique counselling.
  • We think this is the place to go for one-stop shopping.
  • We collaborate closely with lodging suppliers.
  • Students who want to work can easily find jobs both during and after their education thanks to the UK Industrial Link.
  • We provide full-service solutions.
  • We are known as a prestigious education consultancy.

A quick glance

  • 45 global offices
  • 550+ global counsellors
  • 135+ UK education fair/expo
  • 700+ virtual events/seminars
  • 140+ recruiting universities
  • 50,000+ courses offered
  • 450,000+ students served
  • 100,000+ application submitted
  • 50+ nationalities
  • 30+ top recruitment award winners

You can get in touch with our AHZ Perinthalmanna office if you’re interested in studying at UK universities. We can aid in your university choice. Visit our councillors to make your finest choice.

Which is the best study UK consultant in Perintalmanna, India

To go overseas to study, to make your ambition full, to achieve success in the future is not only a piece of cake. You just can’t have it by yourself, for this you need a consultant- a person who can advise you, who can enable you to achieve your goals, to make your ambitions complete by helping you enter your dream university AHZ in Perintalmanna can help you.

How do I apply for a UK student visa from Perintalmanna?

If you are a citizen of Perintalmanna, India and you want to study in the United Kingdom, first you need to choose a course and a university in the UK, check the visa requirements, and make sure you meet them. You can get in touch with AHZ after you fill out the online visa application form and pay the visa fee.

Is there any fee required for AHZ’s educational consulting services?

AHZ offers a range of free services to support international students on their journey to study in the UK. They don’t charge any fees for consulting.

How can I get UK Student visa from Perintalmanna?

To apply for a UK student visa from Perintalmanna, India you can contact AHZ, who will guide you to choose a course and university, get an acceptance letter, prepare your application, and provide end-to-end services.

What services does an educational consultant provide?

An educational consultant provides a variety of services to students, like educational testing and assessment, recommendations for academic programmes, assistance with the university application process, and advice on scholarship options. Providing guidance on career exploration and more.

Why is the British education system good?

The National Curriculum also ensures good education in a wide range of subjects and sets criteria for each subject. It also guarantees primary and secondary students learn the same things.

How British education system works?

In the UK, education is compulsory for children aged 5 to 18. Children aged 3 to 4 usually attend nursery school, and those aged 4 to 5 attend reception class at primary school. Primary education covers ages 5 to 11, and secondary education covers ages 11 to 18, followed by further or higher education.

Is AHZ only working with UK universities?

AHZ is a Leading University Representative for the top universities in the UK, helping international student’s access education system in the UK.