AHZ Faisalabad team

Mahfijul HaqueCountry Manager
Waleed IrfanRelationship Manager
Talha Bin MujahidRegional Manager
Muhammad AhmedBranch Manager
Abdul RehmanEducation Counsellor
Haseeb RazaApplication Officer
Mahfijul HaqueCountry Manager
Waleed IrfanRelationship Manager
Talha Bin MujahidRegional Manager
Muhammad AhmedBranch Manager
Abdul RehmanEducation Counsellor
Haseeb RazaApplication Officer

Empowering Education For a Brighter Future

AHZ stands as a leading education consultancy located in Faisalabad, Pakistan, focusing on the United Kingdom. AHZ consultant in Faisalabad specialise in delivering comprehensive support to international students worldwide, both strategically and operationally. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the most recent best practices and trends in business. All of this expertise appears to be used to help international students realise their dreams of attending a British university.

Our services

AHZ’s services encompass a broad spectrum, encompassing admission into esteemed UK universities, rigorous eligibility assessments, personalised course selection, guidance on scholarship opportunities, and more. We work closely with international students to gain insight into their individual requirements, tailoring our services to precisely meet those needs. This approach has been crucial in helping thousands of students realise their ambitions of attending university in the United Kingdom.

Our vision

At AHZ Faisalabad, our objective is to create a future in which every student realises their utmost potential. The primary objective of comprehensive education is to cultivate individuals who possess self-assurance, accountability, and a comprehensive understanding of world issues.

Furthermore, in addition to the consultancy services we offer, AHZ also provides helpful advice for students applying for visas and attending UCAS interviews, ensuring that they are well-prepared and one step ahead of the competition. Undoubtedly, AHZ is the right place to find the best UK study consultant in Faisalabad Pakistan, if you’re looking for assistance in reaching your academic objectives.

Our strengths –

  • AHZ serves with a 98% satisfaction rate.
  • UK-graduate expert counsellors guide students.
  • AHZ is an award-winning UK education consultancy.
  • All services are completely free of charge.
  • Partnered with 140+ reputed universities.
  • AHZ is your one-stop destination for end-to-end services.
  • Close connections with accommodation providers.
  • UK industry links helps students find job after graduation.

There are many students who have the dream of earning a degree from a well-recognised UK institution. Feel free to get in touch with our AHZ Faisalabad office if you have any questions or concerns about pursuing higher education at one of the many universities in the United Kingdom.

Our Offices Across Pakistan for Your Convenience

If you’re not based in Faisalabad and want to visit our office in a different city, you’re in luck! We have offices conveniently located in several major cities across Pakistan, so you can easily find one near you. Here are the locations you can choose from, depending on which is closest to you:

No matter where you are in the country, we’ve got you covered with our widespread presence. Feel free to drop by the office that’s most convenient for you, and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

Is there any fee required for AHZ’s educational consulting services?

AHZ provides several kinds of services to international students in their quest to study in the United Kingdom. AHZ provides free consulting services.

How do I apply for a UK student visa from Pakistan?

To begin the process of obtaining a student visa to study in the United Kingdom as a Pakistani citizen, you should select a course to complete and a university in the UK. After completing the online visa application and paying the visa fee, you can connect with AHZ.

Do you have any branches in other countries where you are sending students for further study?

We have several locations in different countries. We offer a range of services to overseas students to enrol them at various universities in the UK.

Is UK education system good?

Universities in the United Kingdom are often recognised as some of the most prominent in the world. Students are free to select the state-funded, private, or international university that best suits their needs. Accreditation and regulation in the UK’s higher education system ensure quality. Students in the United Kingdom receive an excellent education from the system as a whole.

Is AHZ only working with UK universities?

AHZ serves as an esteemed university representative for prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom, facilitating the acceptance of international students into the British education system.

How AHZ Faisalabad can help you?

AHZ Faisalabad can help a student in many different ways, including through assessment and making programme suggestions, guiding them through the university application process, pointing them in the direction of scholarship opportunities, and offering advice on a variety of career-related concerns. So, we invite every student considering an UK higher education to study in the UK with AHZ Faisalabad.