Representatives from UK universities can assist prospective students looking for a world-class study abroad experience. Interview with Times Higher Education of AHZ Associates. International students studying in the United Kingdom will find universities with a global effect, courses tailored to industry needs, and great cross-cultural learning and social experiences.

AHZ Associates presented a session at the UK Student Festival explaining the advantages of studying in the UK for international students. AHZ Associates is a UK university representative that assists international students in gaining entrance to the UK higher education system. The corporation has offices in 16 countries and serves 250,000 students.

According to Mr. Golam Mortuza, Compliance Director at AHZ Associates, the company’s goal is to be “a bridge” between students and universities. Mr. Mortuza also added that AHZ Associates has a 98 percent visa success rate and provides end-to-end support, from the application process to assisting students after they arrive.

“There are a variety of reasons why people wish to study in the United Kingdom. “Universities in the United Kingdom have a global impact,” Mr Mortuza stated. “For example, you can see how much Oxford University and others contributed during the Covid-19 pandemic.” British education has a tremendous global influence, and several UK universities maintain very high positions in world university rankings.”

Mr Mortuza stated that with a rising emphasis on embedding “life skills” and work placements or internships within courses, UK institutions helped shape job-ready graduates, while quality assurance agencies ensured great teaching and graduation prospects.

“UK institutions focus on industrial demands,” Mr Mortuza remarked. “The student who completes the programme not only receives a degree, but they also receive support to help them improve for their future careers.”

Mr Mortuza spoke to over 400,000 international students from all over the globe who came to the UK to study, resulting in rich cultural diversity. International students will most certainly find methods to stay connected to their native culture while also gaining valuable experience dealing with people from other backgrounds. 

Moreover, Mr Mortuza explained,

“You are gaining knowledge about variety and cross-cultural encounters.” “In that setting, you’re learning how to act and develop,”.

Mr Mortuza mentioned that whether students planned to stay and work in the UK after graduation or return to their home country, learning in the UK would have a good long-term impact.

“The abilities you learn and the degree are a lifelong experience from which you will profit,” he added.