Interview of AHZ by Study Group Agent and Premier Club Gold winner. The Study Group works closely with the AHZ Associates senior leadership team to devise the business strategy for the company. The award is fantastic validation for AHZ Associates and the team, which indicates that we are on the right path and also reflects our strong relationship with the Study Group.

The year 2020 was very challenging and rewarding for AHZ Associates. The dedicated team of AHZ Associates members tried, tested, and explored many options and discovered that digital requirements were the best approach. AHZ has earned the ability to be a global business and can handle market needs. The expert and experienced counselors of this organization are highly specialized in UK university admission processes. Moreover, they work hard to understand students’ needs, budgets, and academic results. As Study Group has an excellent university partnership, AHZ Associates can make a bridge between students and the universities. As a result, students can enter those universities easily and get access to the higher education systems in the UK.

The Compliance Director of AHZ Associates said in an interview organized by the Study Group,

We understand the importance of our relationship with the Study Group. Our expert team members are working day and night to serve the students’ needs and place them at their desired universities. Also, working with the Study Group will increase our exposure.

He also added that we want our students to be successful and assist them to get admission at UK universities so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. We even see ourselves very much as an extension of those university teams, so the partnerships that we have really are an outsourcing capability where we act on their behalf and we take that very, very seriously.

Study Group asked about the view of AHZ and the reply of the compliance director was,

We now believe the influence of Edtech has changed the delivery system of education and the way of communicating education programmes around the world. However, in-person education is still having a high demand in the world. For example, face to face teaching and for the study aboard experience and all the values that brings of moving to and experiencing a different culture. So, according to me, the basics haven’t changed, but the delivery is changing and of course integration and investment with synchronized online teaching is coming and will improve as we move forward.

Manoj Shety, who is the Chief Revenue Officer at Study Group commented,

The support AHZ Associates provides for the prospective students and their parents is absolutely outstanding. Also, we’re proud to work with such an exceptional international student consultancy.