Unarguably, the UK is home to some of the most world-renowned and most prestigious institutions in the world and preferred destination of international students who wish to study abroad and our education fair in London is aimed to helping you. Students from all across the globe wish to study in the UK-based educational institutions for a reason —they aspire to have a very promising educational and professional career.

Education Fair London

London has something for everybody seeking some quality education. Not only this, but this place also has a diverse national and cultural background, which attracts students from every corner of the world and helps them learn more about this vibrant city.

The UK has hundreds of top-notch educational institutions that are accredited and credited for their prestige and reputation. Do you know there is an education fair in London coming up in April 2019, where the representatives of 130+ top-ranked UK universities will be showing up altogether? Yes, you heard that right! This event is going to be huge and give potential as well as existing students an opportunity to explore their career options and lead their way to success.

Are you looking to explore your career prospects for having a very bright and promising future? This education fair in London is just meant for you! This UK education fair has been arranged by AHZ, a UK-based recruitment agency, and an educational institute representative that plays an intermediary role and connects UK institutes and prospective students closer together. Being a specialist UK recruiting firm that is arranging this UK university fair, the company aims to provide students with a platform where they can select the right institutions.

What Are the Value-Added Features of Education Fair London?

If you are a student who is looking to meet the officials of 130+ top-ranked universities in the UK, then this could be your perfect opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with world-leading UK institutes. All that you need to do is bring along your academic documents, passport (if applicable), and UKVI IELTS result to get a free on-the-spot academic assessment with the delegates.

Why not exploit the opportunity where leading UK university representatives are gathering in one place? This sort of academic opportunity comes once in a while, and students from all fields need to attend the education fair in London for the following:

  • To know things in depth about the university admission requirements
  • To learn about a diverse range of scholarships and programs available for you
  • To know the eligibility criteria for getting an enrolment in the desired institution
  • To have face-to-face interaction with top-notch university officials
  • To discuss about a particular university; its campus life, its facilities, its perks, and benefits
  • To know everything leading to a university admission

The best part about Education Fair London is that no student registration is required, and anyone can attend this event for free. Don’t Miss Out This Unique Opportunity!