An mba or a dba: which should you choose to study in uk?

To be a doctor or a master, or both? A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degrees have merit, but for different reasons.

What is an MBA?

The MBA is a wide-ranging generic degree that combines a practical approach with techniques to solve business problems. So an MBA is quite common and is a widely accessible qualification. An MBA has often been considered the gold standard for employability in the widest sense of the business world.

What is a DBA?

A DBA equips you with the tools to conduct research and delve into the theories behind what is taught in an MBA but still takes a real-world stance. DBA can help you stand out from the crowd and ultimately publish in academic journals while specializing in single areas of interest to become an expert in a particular field.

Who is an MBA for, and who should consider a DBA?

MBA students are generally business professionals looking to enhance their career options and develop their managerial and leadership skills and knowledge. To complete an MBA does not require huge amounts of work experience and is suitable for anyone wanting to build their generalist knowledge of all aspects of the business.

A DBA is most suitable for someone who wants to be considered THE expert and authority in some facet of the business. The research you will do on a DBA course is very focused on a certain discipline. Typically, a DBA student will have accomplished a successful career in business and will often have already completed an MBA.


An MBA is a practitioner-type degree while a DBA enables those practitioners to become a scholar and move just as effectively in business as they do in an academic world. To decide which is best for you at your particular career stage, consider an MBA to become a better manager and leader and a DBA to equip yourself with research and presentation skills to excel in management and leadership.

An MBA and a DBA fulfill different purposes. Both open up considerable opportunities. An MBA provides a wide-ranging business overview while a DBA will equip you with the skills and techniques to develop and set industry-leading standards of best practice. Both offer excellent networking opportunities too, and the opportunity to share ideas and problem-solving techniques with all manner of professionals from a wide variety of industries.

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