• The University of Kent has managed to earn several top rankings in 2021, which include 48th ranking in the Times University Guide and 82nd in the Guardian University Guide for its academic, research and student life pursuits.
  • The University also ranked at 21st in the Times Higher Education’s Table of Tables or THE in 2017. Along with that, the educational institute was awarded with TEF or Teaching Excellence Framework for outstanding teaching.
  • According to the University of Kent, 95% of the students that graduated in 2017 found a job within 6 months, which pays testament to the institute’s work for student employability.


The University of Kent or UKC is a semi-collegiate public research university in Kent, England. The campuses are located in Medway, Canterbury, and Tonbridge while there are postgrad centres in other European countries including Rome, Paris, Brussels, and Athens.

With over 3,000 staff and 19,000 students attending the educational institute now, UKC actually started with only 500 students. Along with them arrived 150 staff members in 1965 to pioneer what has now become a reputable educational institute across the UK.

With Princes Marina, Duchess of Kent as Chancellor, the University set on a path of rapid growth throughout the 1960s. Today, the university is a hub of academic excellence and has been awarded the TEF Gold for sustained teaching and academic excellence.

In addition to over 250 courses across varying fields, the university aims to build knowledge alongside providing students with a well-rounded experience. Whether you’re an artist, academic, or industry professional in the making, you can find community, support and socialising opportunities at UKC.

The university is also very proactive about its students’ employability. Besides providing paying jobs on campus, they have an award-winning career service network and department that helps students achieve their career goals when they graduate.

Along with state-of-the-art classrooms and academic facilities, the university has two large libraries on both campuses, which are open to students 24/7. Each library has an expansive collection of resources, hundreds of computers, assistive technology, and study zones.

Faculties at University of Kent

  • Kent School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Arts
  • School of English
  • School of European Culture and Languages
  • School of History
  • School of Music and Fine Art
  • School of Bioscience
  • School of Computing
  • School of Engineering and Digital Arts
  • School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Medway School of Pharmacy
  • Kent and Medway Medical School
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • School of Anthropology and Conservation
  • Kent Business School
  • School of Economics
  • Kent Law School
  • School of Politics and International Relations
  • School of Psychology
  • School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research

Courses Offered by University Kent

Student Statistics

  • Undergraduate – 80%
  • Postgraduate – 20%
  • Full-time students –88%
  • Part-time students –12%
  • UK students–79 %
  • EU students-7%
  • International students –14%
  • Female – 54%
  • Male –46%

Breakdown of the Fee Structure

International students can expect to pay £15,200-18,400.


Compared to many other UK universities, the University of Kent is relatively more generous when it comes to student aid.

Students with excellent academic backgrounds and continue giving stellar performance can apply for a scholarship and bursary. For example, full-time English students that meet certain criteria set by UKC can eligible to receive a Financial Support Package.

Rewarding students for excellence in academia, the University of Kent offers prospective students with an Academic Excellence scholarship. This is available to applicants that achieve triple As in their A-Levels.

With over 250 full-time and 21 sandwich/placement courses to choose from, the University of Kent is worth consideration for international students. Whether you want to find out your eligibility for your chosen program at the University of Kent or require assistance in the application process, we can help.

Facilities & Services

All students studying at the University of Kent have access to an academic adviser on campus for one-on-one academic counselling. In addition, the university has a strong peer mentoring programme where new entrants can pair up with seniors or experienced students.

Academic guidance, inclusive learning plans for students with disabilities, and a library of resources and study guides are also available.
Both UK and non-UK international students can use the medical services provided on the Canterbury campus (medical, nursing, and pharmacy, while Pier Quays residents can register with DMC Sunlight Surgery.

Other than that, a wellbeing team along with e-therapy services is available for mental health and counselling support. The university values inclusivity and provides assistive technologies, parking permits, ground-floor accommodation, and mentoring opportunities for students with disabilities.

This UK educational institute has an active student council, which manages over 175 student societies and 52 sports clubs. The university also employs students in need of employment in various positions around the campus, from administration to ambassadorship.

Student Life

Both Canterbury and Medway near Kent are thriving cities with many opportunities for students. There are plenty of bars, nightclubs, sports venues, shopping centres, restaurants, outdoor locations (riverside towns in Medway), historic locations, museums, galleries, and cathedrals in close range. Also, the UK university is close to Eurostar, which makes it easy for students to travel outside of England.

The university also has a lively campus life. If you don’t want to go off-campus, there are bars, theatres, cinemas, a nightclub, and other social venues on both Canterbury and Medway campus sites.

Living Accommodations

Local students are offered accommodations on the basis of a specific criterion while.

Overall, the University of Kent has on-campus accommodation at Canterbury where students can apply for self- or part-catered rooms. The Pier Quays is where students studying at the Medway campus can apply for self-catered rooms.

Traditional halls, shared houses and flats are also available.

Typically, students can expect to pay £5,322 – £8,193 for catered housing and £4,938 – £7,970 for self-catered accommodation.


The accommodations on the Canterbury campus is one of the most convenient as everything, from the library to the classes, is at a short distance. Also, the campus is a short bus ride or 20-minute walk away from the main city centre. The Medway campus is close to the Pier Quays accommodation, which is less than a 15-minute walk from Pembroke.

Students can easily get around the campus on foot or use the free shuttle bus service that runs between the Canterbury and Medway campuses.
The rest of Kent can be accessed through bus rides where special discounts are made available to students. The Channel ports and Eurostar rail service.

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