The University of Buckingham (UB) is the oldest and most well-known independent university among the five private universities. Baccalaureates, master’s degrees, and doctorates are offered at this university.

The University of Buckingham secured the first position in terms of student satisfaction in the UK. The university has well-established libraries named Hunter Street and Franciscan. Student fees, accommodations, and IT services are available at the central university site. The Moreton Road Campus and the Verney Park Campus provide all kinds of facilities and work for Buckingham students.


In 1976, the University College of Buckingham (UCB) was established, and then, in 1983, the royal charter granted it university status from Queen Elizabeth. And now (May 2016), it remains the only private university in the UK. The university’s Chancellor, Margaret Thatcher, performed as the nominal and ceremonial head between 1993 and 1998, setting the university’s foundation stone. Therefore, Lord Beloff (1913–1999), Professor of the University of Oxford; Sir Alan Peacock, the economist; and Richard Luce, now Lord Luce, Minister of the Arts, were the university’s vice chancellors. In 2004, the number of UK students increased with the initiative of student loans.

Rankings and Achievements

Here are the lists of The University of Buckingham rankings.

  • 56th in the Times University Guide 2024
  • 2nd for Graduate Prospects (on-track), 2023
  • Top 10 for Graduate Prospects (outcomes), 2023
  • Top 10 for Student Satisfaction, 2023
  • 1st in Medicine for Graduate Prospects (outcomes), 2024
  • 1st for Freedom of Expression in the National Student Survey, 2023
  • Joint 5th for Mental Health Wellbeing Services, 2023
  • Joint 1st for Academic Support in Business, 2023
  • Ranked 154 by Europe University Rankings, Northern Europe
  • 501–510 by Europe University Rankings


Student Statistics

  • Female-53%
  • Male-47%
  • Other-0%
  • UK Students-69%
  • EU Students-4%
  • International- 26%
  • Full-time- 85%
  • Part-time-15%
  • First year-55%
  • Other years-45%
  • Postgraduate-50%
  • Undergraduate-50%

Breakdown of Fee Structure

The University of Buckingham fees for international students are £17,160–36,200.


The University of Buckingham Bursary Fund gets the highest fundraising priority annually. Buckingham Education is designed to meet the talents and desires of those who want to study. The scholarship fund helps the studious students relieve the financial burden and go further in their studies.

The university also takes the initiative to organise festivals with gifts for alumni and friends.

Facilities and Services

  • With the help of extra teaching facilities, students can study for eight terms over two years. 
  • That means students can finish their studies, which is a three-year completion degree that takes two years to complete (the MBChB course lasts 4.5 years).
  • Students can use the university library for a 28-day period and borrow books with the help of a general loan, which is renewable three times.
  • Prospecting career and study options
  • A wide range of accessibilities, including placements and work experience.
  • Successful employment in a competitive job market.
  • Sports facilities with a sports pavilion.

Student Life

The University of Buckingham students’ interests get the most priority, which is called ‘the heart of university policy and decisions. The university students’ union works on clubs and societies. 

They are always active, providing the best university facilities as well as activities and supporting student leaders to train up. They work very positively in campaigns and raise awareness.

Therefore, the university students’ union (SU) greatly supports students by making fun things like fun movie nights, making friends and parties, and offering different cultural experiences. 

They play an active role in the planning of grand balls, chilled-out BBQs, and cultural days. Sports zones are always available, including badminton, basketball, football, yoga, and so on. Moreover, student clubs or societies give their efforts to invite leaders and organise trips and events.


The University of Buckingham’s accommodation cost is £6,010.16, while the living cost is £8,034. The student accommodation code is a practice for choosing the most comfortable rooms.

Therefore, new students are able to get their chosen accommodation easily, and campus students highly recommend choosing accommodation on Hunter Street.


Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, and Luton are the international airports that support strong national and international connections. A local firm offers low-paid airport taxis; thus, students can travel from the airport to Buckingham by taxi.

Besides, coach services are available to catch a train to Milton Keynes. Therefore, Bicester North train station is very close to the campus, approximately 5.8 miles away.


How hard is it to get into University of Buckingham?

The University of Buckingham exhibits a notable level of competitiveness and selectivity for international students, with University of Buckingham acceptance rate of 18%.

Is University of Buckingham worth it?

The University of Buckingham has been awarded a SILVER rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for the year 2023. According to the Office for Students (OfS), the organisation responsible for administering the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), the student experience and outcomes are generally of exceptional quality, characterised by notable attributes.

Why choose Buckingham University?

Students at Buckingham will study under world-renowned pioneers in their fields. Upon graduation, graduates will have the latest market insights and knowledge. Buckingham's lush surroundings and Thames-side campus are ideal for academics.

What is the student satisfaction rate at Buckingham?

Overall score for student satisfaction of 82.11%.

Does the University of Buckingham require IELTS?

English proficiency is essential for admission to top UK universities. Students must score 7.5 on the International English Language Testing System to be accepted into Buckingham University in the UK.

Is University of Buckingham private or public?

The University of Buckingham (UB) is an esteemed non-profit private institution located in Buckingham, England. It holds the distinction of being the oldest among the six private universities in the United Kingdom.

Does University of Buckingham accept international students?

The university warmly embraces students from more than 100 diverse nationalities.

What is Buckingham University ranked in the UK?

Ranked 56th in the UK by Times University Guide 2024.

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