The University of Buckingham (UB) is the oldest and a well-known independent university among the five private universities. Baccalaureates, master’s degrees, and doctorates are offered in this university. The University of Buckingham secured the first position of students’ satisfaction in the UK. The University has well-established libraries named The Hunter Street & Franciscan. Student Fees, Accommodation and IT Services are available at the central University site. The Moreton Road Campus and The Verney Park Campus provides all kinds of facilities and works for the Buckingham students.


In 1976, The University College of Buckingham (UCB) was established and then, in 1983 the royal charter granted it university status from Queen Elizabeth. And now (May 2016) it remains the only private university in the UK. The university’s Chancellor Margaret Thatcher performed as the nominal and ceremonial head between 1993 and 1998 set down the university’s foundation-stone. Therefore, Lord Beloff (1913–1999), Professor of the University of Oxford, Sir Alan Peacock -the economist and Richard Luce, now Lord Luce- Minister of the Arts were the university’s Vice-Chancellors. In 2004, the amount of UK students are increased with the initiative of student loans.


In the field of choosing subjects, The University of Buckingham students can choose any discipline by following their choice and eligibility. The faculties are as follows:

  • Faculty of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law, Medicine and Psychology
  • Computer science
  • Postgraduate Medicine and Allied Health



Accounting and Finance (2-Year)
Biomedical Sciences (2-Year)
Business Economics (2-Year)
Business Enterprise (BBE) (2-Year)
Business Management (2-Year)
Business Management with Applied Computing (2-Year)
CertHE Medical Sciences (Pre-Med, 1-Year)
Computing (2-Year)
Computing (3-Year)
Computing with Accounting and Finance (2-Year)
Computing with Business Management (2-Year)
Computing with Business Management (with integrated Foundation) (3-Year)
Digital News and Media (Flexible) (2-Year)
Digital News and Media (Single) (2-Year)
Economics (3-Year)
Economics (Flexible) (2-Year)
Economics (Single) (2-Year)
Economics, Business and Law (2-Year)
English Literature (Flexible) (2-Year)
English Literature (Flexible) (3-Year)
English Literature (Single) (2-Year)
English Literature (Single) (3-Year)
History (Flexible) (2-Year)
History and Heritage Management (2-Year)
History of Art (Final-Year Transfer Option)
History of Art (Flexible) (2-Year)
History of Art and Heritage Management (Single) (2-Year)
International Relations (Flexible)
International Studies (2-Year)
International Studies (3-Year)
Law (2-Year)
Law (Part-Time)
Law and Criminology (2-Year)
Law with Business Management (2-Year)
Marketing with Media Communications (2-Year)
Medicine (4.5-Year)
Modern Languages (Flexible) (2-Year)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2-Year)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (3-Year)
Podiatric Medicine (2-Year)
Psychology (2-Year)
Psychology with Applied Computing (2-Year)
Psychology with Business Management (2-Year)
Psychology with English Literature (2-Year)
Psychology with French (2-Year)
Psychology with Spanish (2-Year)
Security, Intelligence and Cyber (2-Year)

20th-Century British History by Research
Accounting and Finance
Applied Computing
Applied Data Science
Assessment Only (AO) Route to Qualified Teacher Status (Primary and Secondary)
Computing (by Research)
Country House Studies by Research
Cyberpsychology (Research)
Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors
Dickens Studies by Research
Education (Teaching and Learning) Online
English Literature by Research
Finance and Investment
Health Psychology
History of Art: Renaissance to Modernism by Research
Innovative Computing
International and Commercial Law
International and Commercial Law (LLM)
Law by Research
Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence (by Distance Learning)
Leadership in Sport
Lean Leadership
Management in a Digital Service Economy
Master of Business Administration
Mathematics (by Research)
Medical Education
Military History by Research
Modern War Studies and Contemporary Military History
Money, Banking and Central Banking
Money, Banking and Central Banking (MSc)
Philosophy by Research
Political Economy by Research (Distance Learning)
Postgraduate research degree at Clore laboratory (BITM)
Psychology by Research
Psychology of Creativity and Performance Expertise (Research)
Research Biography
Research/Professional Practice in Digital News and Media
Security and Intelligence Studies
Security, Intelligence and Diplomacy
Strategic Marketing & Customer Experience Management
The Art Market and the History of Collecting by Research
Transnational Organised Crime
Tudor and Stuart History History by Research
United Nations and Diplomatic Studies
United Nations Studies
War Studies and Contemporary Military History for Staff Colleges Graduates

Student statistics

  • Undergraduate – 53%

  • Postgraduate – 47%

  • Full-time students – 89%

  • Part-time students – 11%

  • UK students – 71%

  • EU students – 4%

  • International students – 25%

  • Female – 52%

  • Male – 48%

Breakdown of fee structure

International tuition fee is £17,160-36,200


The University of Buckingham Bursary Fund gets the most fundraising priority annually. Buckingham education is designed to offer the talents and desired one who wants to study. Scholarship Fund helps the studious students to relieve from the financial burden and to go further higher studies. The university also takes the initiatives to make festivals with a gift for the alumni and friends.
More Details in Scholarships

Facilities and Services

  • With the help of extra teaching facilities, students can study for eight terms over two years. That means students can finish their studies which is a three-year of completion degrees take two years to complete (The MBChB course lasts 4.5 years)
  • Students can use the University library for 28-days period and can borrow the book with the help of a General loan which is renewable three times.
  • Prospecting career and study options
  • A wide range of accessibilities including placements and work experience.
  • Successful employment in a competitive job market.
  • Sports facilities with a sports pavilion.

Student Life

The University of Buckingham students’ interests get the most priority that is called ‘the heart of University policy and decisions. The University students’ union works on the clubs and societies. They are always active giving the best university facilities as well as activities and support students leaders to train up. They work very positively in campaigns and raise the voice in awareness. Therefore, The university students’ union (SU) greatly support students by making fun ways like fun movie nights, making friends and parties and offering different cultural experiences. They play an active role in the planning of organizing grand balls, chilled out BBQs and cultural days. Sports zones are always available including badminton, basketball, football, yoga and so on. Moreover, Student clubs or societies give their efforts to invite leaders and organize trips and events.

Living Accommodation

The University of Buckingham’s accommodation cost is £6,010.16 while the Living cost is £8,034. The UK Student Accommodation Code of Practice stands for choosing the best and comfortable rooms. Therefore, new students are benefitted to get their choosable accommodation easily and campus students highly recommend choosing accommodation on Hunter Street.


Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Luton are the international airport supports that build up a strong national and international connections. A local firm offers low paid airport taxis thus, students can travel from the airport to Buckingham by taxi. Besides, Coach services are available to catch a train to Milton Keynes. Therefore, Bicester North train station is very closest to the campus approximately 5.8 miles away.

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