The University of Bristol is well recognised as a prominent research-focused institution within the United Kingdom and holds membership in the prestigious Russell Group universities in the UK

The institution in question is a publicly-funded university characterised by its red-brick architecture. It is renowned for its exceptional standards of instruction and commitment to fostering innovative approaches to education. The university’s slogan asserts that the process of learning enhances an individual’s inherent capacity. 

The school serves as a hub for exceptionally skilled students and staff, thereby guaranteeing a distinctive educational encounter for students and substantiating its value. The university is widely recognised on a global scale for its outstanding achievements in the realm of academia.

The admissions process at the university occurs biannually, with intakes in September and February. The University of Bristol acceptance rate is about 67%, which demonstrates a moderate level of competition during the admissions process at the University of Bristol.

The university provides appealing scholarship packages that effectively mitigate the overall financial burden associated with pursuing education abroad. Engaging in research endeavours with global impact, fostering intercultural exchange, and embracing diverse learning methodologies enhance the academic journey for students. 

The researchers affiliated with this institution actively provide novel ideas and specialised knowledge in order to address real-world challenges and provide guidance for future cohorts.


The University of Bristol was founded in 1876. The Wills and Fry families contributed a lot to establishing this unique institution and funded huge amounts for its growth. It was a well-known university for accepting female students.

At first, the university’s roots were traced back to 1595, when it was named A Merchant Venturers’ School and University College, Bristol (1876). Then, it was converted to the Bristol Medical School (1893) and the Merchant Venturers Technical College (1909).

In the same year, 1909, the institution was given university status and granted a royal charter. Multiple schools and departments increased the university’s reputation. As a result, Ralph Brentnall constructed and designed some new buildings after receiving UGC funding, and George Oatley’s residential halls known as Avon Gorge continue to be well-known.

Ranking and Achievements

  • 16th in the UK (Times University Guide 2024)
  • 17th in the UK (Guardian University Guide 2024)
  • 55th in the world (QS World University Rankings 2024)
  • 81st in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024)
  • 88th in the world (Academic Ranking of World Universities 2023)
  • Secured 58th position in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • Secured 13th place in the Times University Guide 2021
  • Ranked 91st in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • Ranked11th in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • Secured 64th place in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020
  • The university is rated a ‘world-leading research centre by the Research Excellence Framework and acknowledged by the government.
  • Bristol is a top-five research-based UK university.



The University of Bristol comprises several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes following the faculties as well as schools. University international students can choose any subject according to their choice and eligibility. The main six faculties are:

Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Law. Some of the famous schools are:

  • School of Arts
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Modern Languages
  • Centre for Academic Language and Development
  • Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths (SCEEM)
  • School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CAME)
  • Bristol Dental School
  • Bristol Medical School
  • Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience
  • School of Psychological Science
  • School of Chemistry
  • School of Physics
  • School of Accounting and Finance
  • School of Economics
  • School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
  • University of Bristol Law School, and so on.

Student Statistics

  • Female- 55%
  • Male- 45%
  • Other-0%
  • UK Students-73%
  • EU Students-5%
  • International-22%
  • First year-41%
  • Other years-59%
  • Postgraduate-28%
  • Undergraduate-72%
  • Full-time-94%
  • Part-time-6%

Fees and Scholarships

Fee Structure

The international tuition fee is £20,100-£38,000


The university is investing £2 million in scholarships for 2022. These will assist the best and brightest overseas students, including those from the EU, in pursuing their degrees at the University of Bristol.


  • Think Big Undergraduate scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance undergraduate scholarships
  • Global Economics undergraduate scholarships
  • School of Policy Studies international undergraduate scholarships
  • Think Big About Global Justice undergraduate scholarships
  • Think Big bursaries for sciences


  • Think Big Postgraduate scholarships
  • Future Leaders scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance postgraduate scholarships
  • Global Economics postgraduate scholarships
  • Michael Wong Pakshongs bursary
  • Phyllis Mary Morris bursaries
  • R Senathi Rajah Memorial scholarship – for students from Sri Lanka
  • School of Policy Studies postgraduate international scholarships
  • Think Big About Education Scholarships
  • Think Big about Innovation scholarships
  • Think Big About Global Justice postgraduate scholarships
  • Partner scholarships
  • The university is offering a range of scholarships for students from specific regions.


  • Beacon scholarships: for students from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia


  • GREAT Ghana: for students from Ghana
  • GREAT Kenya: for students from Kenya
  • GREAT Nigeria: for students from Nigeria
  • GREAT Pakistan: for students from Pakistan
  • GREAT Scholarships for Justice and Law: for students from China
  • British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM: for students from Mexico and Brazil

Facilities and Services

  • Latest IT support
  • With its enormous collection and cutting-edge amenities, the University of Bristol library fosters a stimulating atmosphere for academic inquiry and study for both students and academics. Well-equipped university libraries with a large volume of printed books and journals.
  • Study spaces.
  • Sports facilities: swimming pools, on-campus and off-campus, Indoor facilities, outdoor facilities
  • Social spaces with new bars and food courts are available that are open for gathering, gossiping, and holding social events.
  • The University of Bristol student health service provides comprehensive and accessible healthcare support to students, ensuring their well-being throughout their academic journey. Students get first aid, mental health awareness, and first aid training all year round.
  • The University of Bristol careers service provides students with vital advice and tools to support their professional growth, preparing them for an effective entry into the job market.
  • The Supporting Members team remains busy with disabilities and executes a group for everyone. The Welcome Fair stands for promoting groups and recruiting new members.

Student Life

The Bristol Student Union (SU) is one of the best student unions among UK universities. Bristol SU is called democracy and is ranked 31st among the top 100 organisations. It is the mouthpiece of university students.

The student union is active enough from freshmen’s week to alumni night throughout the year. They remain busy with getting student opinions, listening eagerly to their experiences, organising debate competitions, elections, future initiatives, creating a sponsorship catalogue, sports clubs, and societies.

Therefore, the Research and Evaluation Coordinator executes research projects and looks after surveys, interviews, and so on. Bristol is a city of green. It belongs to calm and lively places with tranquility and serenity. The walkable roads, harbourside, floating bars and restaurants make the surroundings a lot more lively and friendly.

It is a melting plot of global learning that values different cultures, languages, religions, and ethnic groups. Therefore, the place is full of creative people, modern media, technology, and aerospace industries. The most interesting Sports nights are organised by the sports clubs channeled over £11,000 of ticket sales back.


The University of Bristol provides university-allocated accommodation. Students can apply to ask for living places and costs. Students make home from home in Bristol and become in love with the place. It is quite challenging to find private rented accommodation as the city is very popular to live in.

Therefore, University of Bristol accommodation provides many facilities, such as bedrooms along with a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, and task lighting. bookshelves, curtains, mirrors; kitchens in self-catered residences along with cookers, fridges, freezers, dining tables and chairs, storage, cupboards, kettles, ironing boards, microwaves, toasters, etc.

Bristol residences are categorised into three villages. North Residential Village has several residences, such as Badock Hall, Churchill Hall, Durdham Hall, and so on. East Residential Village and West Residential Village also have many halls, such as Chantry Court, Culver House, Dean Street Works, Marlborough House, New Bridewell, and so on.


Frequent bus services are available in Bristol. The main Clifton campus and student residences are connected by buses. The Bristol Unibus services are operated by First Bus. Besides the bus services, intercity rail connections are available in Bristol City.

Bristol Temple Meads and Parkway are the two main train stations. Therefore, common taxi services are available, such as Diamond Executive Cars, Euro-Taxis, Euro-Coaches, Haywards Travel, School Hopper, and so on.

Moreover, airport taxi transfers in Bristol are available for long-distance journeys. Bristol to Bristol Airport airport transfer, Bristol to Cardiff Airport airport transfer, London Gatwick Airport to Bristol airport transfer, and so many pick-ups are available. Above all, Bristol (SU) launched the ‘Balloon Bike Scheme’ to access renting a bike for the academic year.


What is the rank of University of Bristol in UK?

Based on the University rating conducted by THE (Times Higher Education), the University of Bristol currently holds the 76th position globally, exhibiting an improvement from its previous rating of 92 in the year 2022. According to the 2024 QS World University Ranking, the University of Bristol is positioned at 55th place.

What is University of Bristol famous for?

The academic reputation of the University is demonstrated, in part, by the presence of Nobel Prizes and Fellowships among its community. Bristol University consistently attains a position inside the top 100 institutions worldwide and the top ten universities in the United Kingdom, as determined by league tables that consider both research and teaching excellence.

Is Bristol part of London?

Bristol is the most populous urban area in the southwestern region of England. The River Avon traverses the urban landscape, with the renowned City Docks serving as a prominent focal point. Bristol is situated at a distance of 120 miles in the western direction from London, which typically requires a travel time of roughly two hours by car from the capital city.

Is Bristol an expensive place to live?

The recently released data confirms what those who bear the costs of rent, bills, social outings and transport within urban areas have long been aware of: Bristol has been officially identified as the second most financially burdensome city for single individuals residing in the United Kingdom.

Where is the University of Bristol located?

The University of Bristol is located in Bristol, United Kingdom.

What is the University of Bristol known for?

The University of Bristol is known for its high academic standards and world-class research. It is particularly renowned for its programmes in science, engineering, social sciences, and the humanities.

Is Bristol a Russell group university?

Yes, the university holds membership in the prestigious Russell Group universities, UK.

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