Information technology and networking system are the basis of all modern facilities. It underpins modern lives. Modern people are connected through a worldwide community because of the IT and networking facilities today.

IT & networking are accepted everywhere in the world. It’s changing and developing day by day as organisations and institutions are investing. The technology ensures sharing and restoring of information securely. And this saves our time and lessens our difficulties. IT and networking cover all the physical and coded elements. The elements include the operating system, computer networks, automation tools, data storage, and smartphone apps.

Why You Should Choose This Subject?

  1. In the big world of IT and networking, you will have plenty of job choices and flexibility.
  2. IT is the most competitive field today and skilled professionals have high demand. So, you will get a chance to prove your expertise in many areas.
  3. As technology changes at the speed of light, you will enjoy the opportunities to learn new things always.
  4. You can turn your interest, creative side, and talent into a career.
  5. You will find work almost everywhere and salaries are attractive too.

UK Universities for IT & Networking BSc

The UK has many renowned universities that present several courses in this popular area. For a bachelor’s course, you can take subjects like-

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Technology and Network
  • Computing and Information Technology- BSc (Hons)
  • Computer Networks BSc
  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Networks & Security
  • BSc (Hons) Cyber Security & Computer Forensics etc.

Teesside University

Teesside has an international reputation for its education service. You can find Information Technology BSc (Hons) course at Teesside University. The programme is designed with an optional work placement year. Expert lecturers teach and make foundation bases for the students here. Throughout the course, students will gather all basic and complex knowledge related to computer science. Also, they will come to know about current research topics and the development process.

Intake- September
Duration- 3 years, Up to 6 years
Study Mode- Full-time, Part-time
Tuition Fees- £13,000 per year

Entry requirements-

  • A standard result in high school qualification is required. The required points are mentioned on the university website.
  • Students have to show English language proficiency. IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and many other tests are accepted.
  • Students should check subject-specific details and other requirements before apply.

Scholarships and funding are offered by the institute. Alumni scholarships, Global Excellence scholarships, Vice Chancellor’s scholarships, and more options are available to appreciate talents.

University of East London

UEL is a popular career-led institution. If you are interested in any subject of IT and Networking then you can find here. The university provides BSc (Hons) CYBER SECURITY NETWORKS.

During your study, you will learn subject-specific fundamental knowledge. It will teach you security-related technologies also. The modern risks, their solutions, and systems to protect organizations and individuals are all important topics here. So, all cyber security and network engineering modules are included here.

Intake- September
Duration- 3-4 years
Study Mode- Full-time
Tuition Fees- £13,080 per year

Entry requirements-

  • A-Level, BTEC, IB, or any equivalent international degree.
  • As English language proficiency- IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. are accepted. A Minimum of 5.5 scores is required in IELTS for undergraduate applications.
  • There are also some other requirements and students have to search for them on the website.

Different types of university-provided and external scholarships are available for international students. Students can match their eligibility and apply for them.

UK Universities for IT & Networking MSc

For higher education, the UK universities serve a quality service always. You can find many postgrad programmes related to IT & Networking, for example-

  • MSc in Computer Networks and Network Design
  • MSc in Data Network and Security
  • MSc in Computing (Internet Technology and Security)
  • Information Security MSc
  • MSc Cyber Security
  • MSc Computer Networking
  • MSc in Information Technology

University of Greenwich

Greenwich is a university of high-quality teaching and research activities. It offers Computer Science (Network Engineering), MSc. Those who are interested in this field can take this postgrad course.

In this course, students will learn to design and manage computer systems and networks. It will help students to explore the world of networking, software development technologies, and architecture. These all are related to modern computer systems and networks. So, learners will be equipped with many advanced skills throughout the programme.

Intake- January, September
Duration- 1 year/2 year
Study Mode- Full-time/ Part-time
Tuition Fees- £14,500 per year

Entry requirements-

  • An undergraduate degree of 2:2 standard in computing-related subjects or mathematics, physics, engineering, information systems, or multimedia that includes software development experience. Relevant work experience is also valued here.
  • English language proficiency- 6.0 overall with a 5.5 minimum score in every sub-part is required. Other tests like PTE, and TOEFL, are also accepted.
  • To know the details requirements for the application, students need to check the website

Many awards and scholarships are available at Greenwich. Alumni Postgraduate Award, International Scholarships Award, The Greenwich Bursary, and so on are offered here.

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt is the 8th aged higher education institution in the UK. You can find MSc in Network Security at this prestigious university. The programme is structured with computer network theory, technical things, a project, etc. Students will learn to innovate new things and the dealing techniques with modern threats. They will gather detailed knowledge and skills in all related areas.

Intake- September
Duration- 1 year/2 year
Study Mode- Full-time/ Part-time
Tuition Fees- £14,500 per year

Entry requirements-

  • A good honours degree with knowledge of computing and IT. Relevant work experience is also appreciable in this application.
  • English language proficiency- 6.5 overall with a 5.5 minimum score in every component is required. A TOEFL score of 90 or above is needed.
  • Some other subject-specific requirement details are available on their website.

The university always encourages talents by providing financial support and awards. The postgraduate Merit Award is one of them.


The field of IT and Networking is getting broad day by day. Almost every company is adapting technological facilities. So, opportunities of work are many, you can choose the position of-

  • Information systems manager
  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Software testing
  • Network architect
  • Network manager
  • Wireless network engineer
  • Telecommunications manager or specialist, etc.

Which course is best in UK for IT students?

A degree in computer science is highly regarded as one of the best options available to students in the United Kingdom. In computer science, computers are the main focus. Designing software entails tackling issues with hardware and the architecture of complex computers, as well as the fundamentals of computation itself.

Can I study information technology in UK?

Information technology is one of the most in-demand academic disciplines worldwide, making the United Kingdom an excellent location to pursue a degree in the field. IT, or information technology, is often regarded as a crucial component of today's globalised economy.

How many years does it takes to study IT in UK?

In the United Kingdom, undergraduate programmes typically span three to four years. However, many undergraduate programmes offer shorter, faster track options that can be finished in as little as a year or two.

What are the IT courses in UK?

  • IT courses
  • Agile for IT project management
  • Cisco certifications
  • Cloud computing courses
  • Cyber security courses
  • ITIL 4 for IT service management
  • Learn to code
  • Microsoft courses
  • Oracle certifications and more

How do I start an IT career in the UK?

Look into different job descriptions. The information technology industry is one of the most versatile because it offers so many different job opportunities. Examine your assumptions and develop your most important IT abilities. Take up coding, earn a diploma, learn from your mistakes, make connections with other IT experts, and pick the office setting that best suits you.

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