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How to write a CV

A good student CV is a summary document where you describe yourself – your education, work experience, languages known to you and your hobbies.

You’ve got to write a perfect CV because your CV reflects what you are capable of. You need to create a good impression of yourself.

  • Focus on your academic strengths and achievements
  • Should be well formatted
  • The content and length should not be ignored.

CV for the university is submitted by the applicant to the university. It must be easy to read with the right spellings and grammar, a clear objective, required contact information, relevant interests, and skills.

An applicant CV should necessarily have the following details:

  • First and second name
  • Full address
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Languages known
  • Education details
  • Work experience, if any
  • Additional skills and interests

An Academic CV demands publications and presentations to be included along with the general information that all CVs contain.

An Undergraduate CV depends on the individual applicant’s skills and experience. Don’t forget to follow the reverse chronological order while including any accomplishments. In other words, most recent ones must be on the top.

A Post-graduate CV should essentially have a personal statement, education details, your work experience, interests and any other additional information such as computer skills and languages are known to you.

A Chronological Standard CV requires you to give the information under the headings such as education, work etc. and it should be in the chronological order, the most recent ones to be listed first.

A CV at glance should look impressive. The presentation should be neat without any errors in spellings or language. Clearly mention your name and contact information.

Your most recent qualifications and experience should be mentioned first. Add your skills and accomplishments relevant to the course you have applied for.

A Perfect CV catches the attention of the reader at the first glance!


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