Why you should do an mba in the uk

In this ever-competitive and international world of business, the qualifications you have on your side could be the key to unlocking those higher-level jobs and advancing your career. An MBA – Masters of Business Administration – is becoming increasingly popular to graduates both new and mature, and studying for one at one of the UK’s prestigious institutions has value in companies across every sector and throughout the world. Here are just a few reasons why you should be studying for your MBA in the United Kingdom.

1. Industry connections

The UK is one of the biggest players in global industry, with particular strengths in financial services, accountancy, aerospace engineering and pharmaceuticals. Many UK universities have therefore set up strong links with the leaders in industry through micro-placements, work experience or networking events that can connect you with recruitment managers from world leaders in your field. Some MBAs are also supported by particular companies and have alumni who will come and give talks or offer opportunities to other students studying for the qualification.

2. High-quality education

The proof is in the pudding: in the world rankings of the 100 top universities, the UK has sixteen institutions in the list, including four that sit in the top ten: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London. Add those to other prestigious Russell Group universities with strong business connections and top MBA programmes like Manchester, Durham and Warwick and the UK offers rigorous training that’ll put your CV above the rest.


3. Cost

Unlike some other global institutions, the overall cost of studying an MBA in the UK is lower than it would be to study in another country like the United States. The courses generally only last for one year and tuition starts at around £7,000 for world-class teaching. Depending on where you’re studying, you may be offered accommodation on the campuses if your course is intensive. In other instances, if you’re being sponsored by your company or place of work, the lower cost can be seen as a greater incentive for them to support your undertaking of this unique qualification.

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Uk university september intake 2022

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Uk university september intake 2022