Why you should study art & design in the uk?

Whether you’re considering studying in the UK or have already made up your mind to study here, the United Kingdom is one of the top places to study art and design at any level. The country is one of the leaders in global art creation and our variety of high-level, prestige institutions offer courses that teach whichever medium of art and design you’re passionate about. But if you need a little more convincing, here are three reasons why you should study art and design in the UK.

1. World-class institutions

Not only does the UK have some of the best and most internationally renowned creative schools in the world, but each one has unique courses that help you grow and develop as an artist. Both traditional universities and creatively focused institutions exist and offer a variety of courses and specialisms. These include UCL (University College London), University of Oxford, Royal College of Art, University of the Arts London and The Glasgow School of Art.

2. Art in culture

Art is an integral part of British culture, from your traditional paintings to cutting edge design in a variety of mediums. We are a nation that celebrates artistic expression and prides itself on supporting the arts and ensuring there is enough funding for both the general public and children of all ages to learn about and create art.


3. Access to art

The UK is host to thousands of art galleries, displaying exhibits of both iconic and newer pieces. In the capital, the most famous museums include the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Academy of Art, whilst in the vibrant northern cities of Manchester and Liverpool, cutting edge artistry is on display at esteemed locations. Even universities are getting in on the art game – The University of East Anglia in Norwich is also home to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts which houses pieces of artwork that span over 5,000 years, and Royal Holloway at the University of London in Surrey boasts its own picture gallery that even claims to hold a haunted painting.

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Uk university september intake 2022