One of the biggest decisions you make when it comes to university is whether you should move into student halls or stay at home and commute in every day. If you don’t know which is best for you, here are some examples of why moving out from home for university in the UK is a major positive.

You’ll gain more independence

Living away from home means you no longer have your parents around to tell you what to do. This means you’ll be learning how to provide for yourself, cleaning and cooking your own meals. It sounds like a lot to adjust to but everyone in your halls will be going through the same thing. You will have to learn eventually, so why not take this step now when you have others around to help you?

More time for yourself

Living close to your university campus means you won’t have to take a lot of time out of your day for travelling. Those students commuting into classes each day may spend hours stuck in traffic, whereas you can crawl out of bed just a few minutes before your lectures start, giving you more time to rest up before your 9 am classes. It’s also helpful if you need more time for essays or revision since you won’t be wasting time sitting in traffic.

Better social life

Living at home means you miss out on a lot of nights out and social times with your course mates because you have to get the last train back or drive home before it gets too dark. If you live in student halls, not only can you stay out till whenever you like, but you are able to join societies and take full advantage of last-minute plans. Living close by to other students means you also don’t have to walk home in the dark alone. You can enjoy all aspects of university life while knowing you are safe with other students around.


Taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you when living on campus means you are more likely to make new friends as you’ll come in contact with a lot more students like yourself. To find out more about student accommodation in the UK, contact us today.

January intake 2023