What you need to know about studying psychology in uk university

There are an increasing amount of prospective students who are considering studying psychology and other related fields. Due to the influx of interested students but the lack of resources, most of the students who want to apply to study psychology at UK University do not know the prerequisites needed in order to apply. Psychology is a relatively new course of study, thus the conditions to become a full-time student studying psychology also keep updating. Here are the eligibility requirements for individuals who want to study psychology at UK University.

What Students Can Expect When Studying Psychology at UK University

A prospective psychology student should have some sort of an idea about which area of psychology they want to specialize in. Psychology, in general, is the study of human behaviour and the mind. The study of psychology seeks to help explain and better understand the emotions, thoughts and behaviours of humans.  Psychology programs are often structured in a way that gives students the tools and skills in order to carry out experimental methodologies, practical applications and help them construct solidified theories. Some of the courses you can expect to be offered when studying psychology at UK University are:

  • Research Methodology
  • Statistics
  • Sociology

There are many branches of psychology that a person can major in after completing 2 years of study: applied psychology, management psychology, law psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology and criminal psychology.

Eligibility Requirements

For a student who has studied under the International Baccalaureate system, they (typically) need 34 points in order to be eligible. A level students usually need an A BB in order to be eligible to study psychology at UK University. For international students, the IELTS score needs to be overall 6.5 and have at least a score of 6.0 in each component in order to pass.

Types of Psychology Degrees

There are two classifications of psychology degrees. One would fall under a Bachelor of Arts degree and the other would fall under the Bachelor of Science degree. The bachelors of Arts degree would be more focused on education and the liberal arts whereas the Bachelor of Science degree would be more focused on mathematics and science.

Career Prospects for A Psychology Student

Those who have graduated with a degree in psychology can apply for a variety of jobs, ranging both in the private and public sector. Some career prospects include social work, mental health care, marketing, teaching, human resources and psychotherapy.

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Uk university september intake 2022