Accountancy is one of the most useful and versatile fields in the UK, with most businesses and companies requiring at least one accountant on their team. But whether you’d prefer to work within a company’s internal accountancy team or work in the finance industry, an accountancy degree in the UK can lead to a wide variety of career paths.

Accountancy Degree in the UK

Becoming a chartered accountant is perhaps the most obvious career path after studying for a degree in accountancy in the UK. Accountants in the UK give financial advice, audit accounts, and may provide help with financial reporting, tax, and other financial matters. Accountants are employed in a wide range of organizations in both the public and private sector, and salaries are generous.


In the UK, auditors are employed by businesses to analyze financial records and provide a clear picture of how the company is performing. While strong accountancy skills are crucial for auditors, this career path also requires good people skills due to the client-facing nature of the work.

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Stockbrokers buy and sell stocks with a view to making profits for commercial clients, and give investment advice to clients too. If you’re interested in investing and like the idea of a fast-paced work environment, stockbroking could be a great choice for you, provided you can handle a high-pressure career.

Data analyst

Data analysts collate, analyze, record, and interpret data for a range of businesses and institutions with a view to tracking performance and market trends. Data analysts are employed by a wide range of employers, and while data analysis isn’t directly related to accountancy, the mathematical skills and attention to detail developed during an accountancy course are a great way to get onto this career path.

This is just a selection of what can be done in the UK with an Accountancy BSc. An accounting course in the UK may help you to become an actuary, a mortgage advisor, a conveyancer, a retail banker, a tax adviser, or to follow any number of related careers.

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