The steps after you get uk university admission

We constantly talk about the process of applying to a university, getting our documents together, writing our personal statement in time to meet the deadline, apply for scholarships as well and then wait till you hear back. But no one talks about what happens after you get an offer letter. Here is all that you need to know about being granted a UK University Admission.

Normally What happens

Barring the circumstances that your application is having trouble being processed and they either need more evidence/information about you or your application is being referred, it is fairly anticlimactic when your application has been approved and you have been accepted into the university. Normally, you are sent an offer letter, telling you details about the conditions under which you have been selected and how much you have to pay.

Types of Offers

Hopefully, you have held on to all the offers you have received for all of your chosen universities and wait till they have all made a decision in order to choose which offer you want to accept. Here are the types of offers you might receive:


The letter that says, ‘we regret to inform you that you have not been accepted,’ means that you have not met the eligibility requirements of the programme you applied for, or that amongst the competition other applicants were chosen over you.

Conditional Offer

A conditional offer basically means that the university is ready to accept you if certain conditions are met. The conditions usually revolve around your upcoming A-Level result.


Unconditional Offer

An unconditional offer would mean that you have met the requirements and are accepted into the university without having to meet specific conditions.

In most cases, after you have received an unconditional offer or have met the requirements of the conditional offer, you are invited by the university for a tour/visit.

After the UK University admission, it is recommended to prospective students to go for the tour so that they learn more about the university and their degree. Websites and prospectuses are not as in-depth as a visit to the university itself.

Remember, you are choosing the university as much as they are choosing you. You will be investing a lot of your time and resources into your degree so you need to make the decision wisely.


The story does not end once you have received the offer. After you have received your offer, you will be required to pay the fees and register. You will have a deadline within which you have to register, and most of the details are outlined in your offer. During registration, you will have to pay your fees depending on your chosen degree and whether you are required to pay upfront or you can pay as you go.

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Uk university september intake 2022

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Uk university september intake 2022