The University of East Anglia is a world leading research institution, renowned for student experience.

The University offers broaden options of studies for students that want to undertake their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. The University of East Anglia offers facilities that accelerate students needs and support them to become great professionals.

A large Option of studies is always considered as an option at the University of East Anglia.

The outstanding facilities and reputation give to students the opportunity they’re looking for to develop their academic, professional and career aspirations.

From elite sports, to music, to social sciences, medicine, the arts, and sciences, we offer a range of bursaries for students from under represented backgrounds, as well as scholarships and prizes for high achieving students.

UEA is committed to ensuring financial barriers to higher education are minimised and their broad range of scholarships provide just one example of this focus.


Faculties and Departments:

Arts and Humanities

Medicine and Health Sciences


Social Sciences


International Development


Norwich Business School


Fees for International Students:

Undergraduate: £15600- £19800

Postgraduate: £18350

Fees for European Students:

Undergraduate: £9250

Postgraduate: £4260

*All the information above are collected from The University of Law’s official website.