The Benefits of MSC in International Business

  • International business programmes provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the various business management practices all over the world
  • Prepares students for graduate careers in another country or in an organisation that works with businesses on a worldwide scale
  • Most organisations require their employees to work with other businesses located in a different part of the world, which is why the demand for students with a background in international business has increased
  • An MSC in International Business and other programme can provide students with exciting international opportunities to work in China, France, India, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and China.

What Is International Business?

Master’s degree MSC in International Business involves educating students about international trade between companies on a global scale. Students can attend the top universities in the UK, offering an international business programme.

The programme teaches students about services, goods, finance, marketing, management, and the effect of national and international laws and regulations on markets and commerce.

International Business Intakes and Fee Structure

Most UK universities offer a one-year, full-time MSC in International Business and programme costing up to£25,000 on average.

What Does International Business Entail?

Most universities in the UK offer international business programmes as Masters of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (MSc). However, other UK universities offer international business as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme.

If you choose to study international business, some of the subjects that you’ll cover include people management and strategy, environmental sustainability problems, ethical issues, and accounting. Some universities in the UK allow you to specialise in either International Business and Entrepreneurship or International Business and Marketing.

The programme will equip students with critical skills and knowledge needed to work effectively across various national settings and in a wide range of management and business roles. Having a degree in MSC in International Business opens several opportunities for local and international students.

Students can enter or advance their careers in areas such as banking and finances, accounting, and Human Resources, and marketing. Students can also apply for different job positions such as the role of a business adviser, corporate investment banker, business analyst, management consultant, marketing executive, product manager, procurement manager, and human resources officer.

When Should You Consider Taking International Business?

Students interested in working in a multicultural company should consider taking international business. Working in a multicultural company is perfect for people interested in seeing things from different perspectives and learning about various traditions and cultures.

Seniors managers and any employee whose work entails engaging and interacting with international partners, customers, colleagues, and suppliers should consider enrolling in an MSC in International Business and other Programme. You should consider enrolling in an international business programme if the following qualities are inherent in you:

You Are

  • Adaptable
  • A team player
  • Curious
  • Flexible
  • Highly motivated
  • Resourceful

You Should Have

  • Strong organisational skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Enjoy travelling
  • Can work under pressure
  • Negotiation skills

The 3 In-demand International Business Professions

The following are the three in-demand international business professions:

1. Management Analysts or Consultants

  • Gathers and analyses organisational data such as expenditure, employment reports, and revenue across international divisions
  • Determines how to reduce company overhead such as financial expenditures, supply expenses, and international staffing
  • Interviews management oversees to determine the resources and methods needed to solve company issues on a global scale
  • Recommends new practices, systems, and organisational changes that need to be implemented within every international office
  • Works with managers to make sure that changes are being incorporated correctly and effectively

2. Marketing Manager

  • Oversees contracts, budgets, advertising media, and marketing plans with management and other employees located in various different countries
  • Plans marketing campaigns to reach target markets based on international needs
  • Initiates market research and analyses findings to identify customer opportunities
  • Examines the international demand for company services and products while studying their competitors
  • Develops pricing strategies for a company’s services and products
  • Ensures consistent brand messaging and tone across every platform
  • Leading content production and generation across print and digital media

3. Executive

  • Directs operational activities to create in-demand international services and products
  • Discuses company performance with other staff, board members, and executives located across the world
  • Assigns department managers and heads overseas
  • Negotiates and signs off on contractual agreements
  • Analyses company reports such as sales and financial data
  • Identifies areas to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve the organisation’s performance

However, these are just three out of the many doors of opportunities that will open up for you once you graduate with a degree in International Business.

UK Universities for International Business

Here are three UK universities that offer MSC in International Business and other International Business programmes:

1. Birmingham City University

The university offers a Master’s in Management and International Business, which is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Students will learn the fundamental skills needed to find success as an international manager.

Students will learn how to make tactical and strategic business decisions, management, and motivating team members in business on a global scale, and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of international cultural differences.

Students will work alongside students from diverse international backgrounds and collaborate with them on team-based projects to deliver professional and effective presentations and reports as part of the programme. The course will provide you with the support you require to advance or enter the career of your choosing.

2. Cardiff Metropolitan University

The university offers an MSc in International Business Management. The programme examines the demands of the international economy and the growing globalisation of management and business practice.

The programme encourages team working and interaction between students belonging to various countries. The programme allows students to take days off to undertake an independent study. The programme also involves taking students on several different trips. Students will also partake in several different activities.

The university states that previous graduates of the programme have found employment as project managers, management consultants, and have even earned a wide variety of graduate employment schemes within several high-ranking organisations both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

3. De Montfort University

The university offers an MSc in International Business and Management to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of business and management in an international setting. The programme aims to give graduates an edge in the modern international job market.

The programme enhances the students’ understanding of fundamental business knowledge and helps them develop skills to identify and manage critical issues related to international business. The programme gives students two different approaches to business and provides students with an opportunity to grow a current organisation or establish a business.

Students can personalise the programme by specialising in international trade, contemporary business models, innovating, leadership, supply chain management, and managing on an international scale.

If you want to pursue a postgraduate degree in International Business and want to enrol in a university in the UK, you can schedule a consultation with us, and we’ll help you fill and submit the application.

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