Every year rankings are released for universities in the United Kingdom. Not only do the relevant bodies compile an overall list but institutes are also judged on individual subjects as well. We will look into the most significant subjects and specify which universities come out on top.

1. Medicine

According to the latest rankings, The University of Cambridge is ranked in first place for medicine. Established some eight centuries ago in 1209, Cambridge is a prestigious university that is consistently at the top in not just UK but the world as well.

A member of the illustrious Russell Group (group of 24 top research intensive universities in UK), Cambridge has more than thirty autonomous colleges and they are known for their accomplishments in the field of medicine.

2. Mathematics

The University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in the UK, the oldest being The University of Oxford, which is numero uno in mathematics. In fact, Oxford has become synonymous with producing excellent results in the field.

Created in 1096 (11th century), Oxford is home to 38 independent colleges and is also a member of the Russell Group like Cambridge. The illustrious institute is almost always in the top ten universities in the world.

The University of Oxford was also rated gold according to the Teaching Excellent Framework and students can expect to be employed within months of graduating from the wonderful university.

3. Computer Science

The best university for studying computer science in accordance with the latest rankings is St. Andrews in Scotland. Its origins can be traced back to 1413 and it is renowned for its work in computer science.

Based in the intimate town of St. Andrews, the university has over 10000 students from over a 100 countries. St. Andrews is different from the aforementioned institutes because it offers students a four year undergraduate program instead of the customary three year duration. This is the modus operandi for Scottish universities.

Typically, students can select one of four disciplines and begin specializing in their chosen subject in the final two years of their degree. St. Andrews also boasts some prominent alumni, such as Prince William (Duke of Cambridge), Alex Salmond (First Minister of Scotland) and Chris Hoy (the most successful Olympian cyclist in British history).

4. Accounting and Finance

For accounting and finance, the best place to study is the University of Bath. Unlike the esteemed universities mentioned above, Bath was only established in 1966, which means it is only 55 years old.

All in all, The University of Bath has an excellent student body, wonderful teaching resources and provides a delightful experience for those who enrol. Besides being a top ranked university overall and in several subjects, Bath has also been felicitated in other areas.

For instance, it was awarded Gold in Teaching Excellence Framework, ranked as one of the best in student experience and was also recognized by professionals for job prospects post graduation.

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