The United Kingdom is a fascinating landscape when it comes to universities. With over a hundred and twenty of these, there are ample opportunities for students to seek education, regardless of what subject they wish to pursue. For example, business studies is one of the most popular choices. So, which are the Best UK universities for business and management Courses? We will look at some alternatives below:

St. Andrews

Exploring the best UK universities for business and management Courses, The University of Saint Andrews, which was actually the first university to be established in Scotland, is located in Fife. It is also the third oldest university in the English speaking world. Also, it is numero uno in the latest rankings when it comes to the business and management league tables.

Regarded by students, teachers and experts as one of the finest research centres in UK, St. Andrews offers an excellent degree option. Students can focus on a specialism of their choosing as well. For instance, at the School of Management, an undergraduate MA and BSc are taught. This is comprised of student exchange programs, a year or a semester abroad and provides a semblance of variety for students enrolled at this the institution.

St. Andrews also boasts phenomenal postgraduate options for those who have completed their undergraduate studies. A conventional master’s degree is available. If that doesn’t whet your academic appetite, the university also offers research degrees including a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and a MRes (Masters in Research) as well.

University of Exeter

Like dozens of universities in the United Kingdom, University of Exeter takes its title from the city it inhabits. An inspired choice for business management students, Exeter cultivates an environment that is historic and inclusive in equal measure.

The campuses are magnificent, as are the various degrees taught there. With regards to business degrees, Exeter must enter the conversation when you focus on the best UK universities for business.

For instance, there are a host of degrees on offer. If you want to pursue Accounting and Finance, then Exeter has BSc programs in Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Business and an Applied Finance Degree Apprenticeship.

Likewise, a bachelor’s of science degree may be combined with econometrics, finance and politics as well. This is without the postgraduate options at the school, which are also sublime.

Kings College London

At number five on the latest rankings for business management schools lies Kings College London. One of the best UK universities for business in the capital, Kings is one of the oldest and most illustrious institutions in UK. It is also classified as a top fifty university worldwide.

It also boasts of five campuses in the heart of London, which means the setting is cosmopolitan and multicultural in nature. Kings Business School has the fundamental courses like BSc in Economics, Accounting/Finance and Business Management. It also has additional options like French, German, Spanish and Portuguese coalesced with Management courses and a year abroad to go with it. The exciting opportunities do not end there, as the postgraduate options are also enticing and include various MSc choices for brilliant business minds.

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