Top tips for a winning ucas personal statement

Follow these 4 tips and create a successful UCAS personal statement:

Wondering what are the most suitable tips to create a winning UCAS personal statement? Follow those steps and you will be accepted to any University.

The personal statement should highlight an overview of your personal goals and achievements but also present the reasons for choosing the right University, that will develop you in terms of personal goals.

  1. Be enthusiastic

Show your enthusiasm about studying and your personal skills/ abilities that make it worth to be accepted in that course.

  1. Highlight the main points of the program

Write analytically why you chose that particular course and what made you so interested in it. Make sure that you highlight your own competencies but also University’s advantages that made you go for it.

  1. Meet your future plans

Describe why this course is the ideal for you, and how you will grow through it by realising your future career plans.

  1. Be creative

Don’t copy and write another personal statement like all the rest. It is better to stand out by presenting your owns key points that make you different and win that University place.

Once you follow these tips, make sure that your UCAS personal statement is professionally written, without grammar mistakes and spelling errors that might spoil your statement.

Good Luck!

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Uk university september intake 2022