Top engineering universities in uk for 2019

The Complete Guide has released a list of the best universities in the UK for 2019 for different subjects including engineering.

The UK is like Mecca for students who want to study at university level due to the abundance of matchless institutions in the region. The educational system of the UK is world renown and has some of the oldest and best universities and colleges. Over the years, a number of students who have studied in the UK have reached breakthroughs in their respective fields. Studying at one of these universities has been a dream for most students around the world regardless of their educational background, nationality or race. However, getting admitted to them requires an excellent A Level result or equivalent, which requires years of hard work and dedication. Thus, a student needs to start planning for which university they want to attend after-school beforehand, and in order to do so, they must know which are the best institutions for their desired fields.

Here is a list of the best engineering universities in UK:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Imperial College London
  3. University of Oxford
  4. University of Bristol
  5. University of Bath
  6. University of Southampton
  7. University of Leeds
  8. University College London
  9. University of Strathclyde
  10. Loughborough University

Getting admitted into one of these engineering universities in UK is not a piece of cake for any student due to their high eligibility criteria that automatically eliminates any student who has received less than a B or an A in one of any three subjects in their A Level, aside from General Paper. Moreover, each university has their separate set of criteria such as a particular score in IELTS or any other English language test. Know what the admission criteria are of the University of your choice, and aim higher.

Uk university september intake 2022

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Uk university september intake 2022