The 4 best engineering universities in united kingdom

Like virtually every other subject, there are several top notch universities in UK which provide engineering degrees. Therefore, without further delay, we will explore the top engineering universities in UK.

1. University of Manchester

When you look up the top engineering universities in UK, you cannot overlook University of Manchester. At number 34 in the worldwide rankings of last year was the University of Manchester. The UK’s largest single site institute, it is home to nearly 40000 students from more than 150 countries! It is also part of the prestigious Russell Group, which is a clique of the best universities in UK. Manchester University is also home to more than 70 research centers.

The university’s School of Science and Engineering involves several departments. Examples include the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the School of Computer Science and the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering as well. That is quite an impressive list!

2. University of Edinburgh

Another UK university with an excellent engineering department is the University of Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a fascinating city and the university is also one of the best globally. Specifically, it is at number 23 in the world and joint fifth in UK.

A lot of that is down to its outstanding School of Engineering. Students can pursue a number of programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Established in 1582 to be precise, the University of Edinburgh excels in research based subjects.

Students have the excellent opportunity to conduct research oriented activities when it comes to all things engineering. This is one of the many reasons why students from around the world are desperate to gain admission at the University of Edinburgh.


3. University of Swansea

Moving on from Scotland, the next option we will review is actually in Wales. The University of Swansea’s College of Engineering is a permanent fixture in the league tables for engineering and is usually close to the top.

At Swansea, students can study an extensive number of programs. In addition they can also enjoy the modern and purpose built facilities and not to forget, the academic staff is also phenomenal. The courses themselves are geared towards enhancing the potential of students who study engineering.

Moreover, the departments that make up the College of Engineering are Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Materials, Mechanical and Medical engineering.

4. University of Surrey

Reviewing top engineering universities in UK, we finally have the University of Surrey. The institute is home to the School of Engineering, which has been at the forefront of engineering related research for years. Students who enroll can select a number of engineering disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Surrey also boasts an excellent environment for conducting research as well as mentoring from professional faculty. This enables students to augment their learning. Also, this effectively prepares them to be well equipped to handle the industrial challenges of engineering and securing the best jobs as well.

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