Reference letter goes a long way in highlighting you. It is as good as the personal statement.

How to obtain a good reference?

Choose the right referee. It’s good to meet them in person instead of calling or texting and request for an academic reference letter. Provide the necessary information and send a gentle reminder. And don’t forget to thank them.

The next thing on your mind would be – who will be the referees?

  • Usually, a reference letter for a student is written by his teacher, advisor, professor or mentor who are well aware of your capabilities and achievements. Generally, Universities ask you to name two referees.
  • Referees are required to provide references in English. Check that the referees have correct, institutional email addresses.

What information is required in a reference letter?

A good reference letter should include the following:

  • How the referee knows you and from how long
  • Your skills and abilities in a positive tone
  • why you are best suitable for the course you are opting for
  • Your qualifications, achievements and efficiency
  • Referees qualification and contact information

A University reference letter is a document that is required when you are applying for a course of study at the university. It should highlight your character and capabilities positively.

A Recommendation letter for University is that document which has a supporting statement for a candidate. This letter is usually written by a professor or who has a working relationship with the candidate.

How to write a reference letter

  • Mention your address and date on the top right
  • To the left, write the applicant’s name and address.
  • start with a formal greeting
  • Then begin with explaining how you are connected to the applicant.
  • Specify the applicant’s strengths
  • Conclude, but not abruptly

So why wait any longer? Look for the right referees and start applying.

Tips to write a reference letter 1
Tips to write a Reference Letter 3

Who should be your post-graduate referee?

It is advised to name two academic tutors or academic advisors from your previous course as they know your academic capabilities.

An undergraduate referee is one who knows about your academic strengths, work ethics and how you are suitable for higher study.

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