Tips to write a Personal Statement for UK Study

Why is Personal Statement important?

When you apply for a course at a UK university, a personal statement needs to be written. It is an important element of your application. Take it as an opportunity to describe your skill set, your goals and the experience you have.

You can stand out among a thousand through your personal statement.

But have you ever thought why university need a Personal statement?

The reason is universities receive numerous applications which list similar experiences and qualifications.

Your application will be assessed based on the personal statement.

What areas need to be considered before you write a Personal Statement?

  • Focus on the course you want to study, not at the university. Describe why you have chosen that particular course and your academic strengths. You can also mention your extra-curricular activities in your personal statement.
  • You should describe how your achievements have affected you. Specify what your aims and interests are.
  • Be honest but do not hold back. Personalize the statement.

Personal statement should be able to communicate your skills, qualities and build an image of you in the minds of the reader. You should sell yourself through your personal statement.

As an undergraduate applicant, while writing a UCAS personal statement, write your ambitions and what makes you think that you are suitable for the course.

Writing Personal Statement

  • Apply for your choice of study
  • Be honest
  • Try to sell yourself
  • Proofread the personal statement

The personal statement reflects why you are the right candidate for the course. You could stand a chance even if your academic grades are a bit down.

Tips for personal statement

  • Take your time; do not be in a hurry
  • Prepare a draft
  • Communicate clearly what you want to
  • Focus on your skills and strengths
  • Introduction should be perfect; Include your abilities in the main body and make a fine conclusion.
  • Personal statement should be your voice.
  • Do not make false claims.

If you are a Postgraduate applicant trying to write a personal statement, it is very important that you use the perfect words because this would be your first communication with the university and you really need to make a good impression and sell yourself. The expressions should be unique and reflect your enthusiasm.

You must be able to convince why you deserve a place. Highlight your abilities and mention your previous grades and awards, if you have received any.

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