Even though it is home to some of the finest universities on the planet, the United Kingdom has faced its fair share of criticisms and concerns when it comes to tuition fees. For example, when the government augmented the tuition fees for nationals from £3000 annually to £9000, there was mass hysteria and outrage. This brings us to the main question: which is the most affordable UK Universities for International Students?

Unfortunately for international students, they are bound to pay additional tuition fees when they travel to the UK for higher education. So what are the most economically feasible options available to them? We will have a look below:

1. The University of Sunderland

With a tuition fee of £10,500 per annum for international students, Sunderland is one of the more viable options for students. While a sum in excess of ten thousand pounds seems like a lot, it is actually one of the cheapest university in the UK.

Perhaps this is why The University of Sunderland boasts a high number of international students. Those who want an overseas education but cannot pay the exorbitant fees at better ranked universities seek admission at relatively cheaper options.

Founded in 1901, The University of Sunderland has two campuses in the city and also has a site based in the capital city of London. It also unveiled a campus in Hong Kong recently.

2. Coventry University

Also falling in the list of the cheapest university in the UK is Coventry University. The yearly tuition fees is between £9000 and £12000, depending on the course you pursue. In some cases, international students are only required to pay £9000, which is tantamount to the fees native students pay at most institutes.

It bears reminding that at some of the finest universities in UK, the fees can reach up to £25000 per annum. For instance, if you are fortunate enough to study at Oxford University, then you are likely to pay in excess of twenty grand on an annual basis.

On the other hand, in addition to its cheaper fee structure, Coventry has also improved leaps and bounds. It is now among the top 600 universities in the world and was also awarded a gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework a few years ago.

3. University of Suffolk

Another name on the list of the cheapest universities in the United Kingdom is the University of Suffolk. Only established twelve years ago, Suffolk is one of the few institutes to be created this century.

While it may lack in prestige, it makes up for in other areas, which includes a lenient fee structure for prospective students. With more than 5000 students in its ranks, Suffolk now has five sites and a main campus that is located in Ipswich.

The nascent university only charges international students a little over £10,000 for a year’s worth of education. Those who are willing to settle on rankings and are more focused on just acquiring an education, should apply to The University of Suffolk.

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