Public health is a very important sector that is not touched upon and brought attention to nearly as much as it should be. However, those passionate about working in the health and social care sector make it their mission to pursue relevant higher education in that field. Here is what prospective students need to know about studying social health in UK University.

Reasons To Study Social Health In UK University

This course can help build up a person’s knowledge, skills and confidence so that they can pursue a career in the social care and health sector. There is a multitude of programs that are all established in accordance with the standards that have been specified by the Skills Council of the NHS. After graduation, you will be able to utilize the skills you have learnt and demonstrate those advanced skills that conform to the National Occupational Standards to impress your employers. In a recent survey by Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE), it was revealed that 96% of graduates in 2017 ended up with a job or were doing their post-graduate degree within 6 months.

What You Will Learn From This Course

A degree in Social Health Care will instil you with the skills and knowledge needed for the analysis of important social care and public health issues. You will learn about the current and expected changes arising in the UK’s healthcare sector, about the advancing technologies needed by healthcare professionals as well as the rising costs of the provision of healthcare.

Careers in the Health and Social Care Sector

If you study Social Health in UK University you can build a career as any of the following:

  • Social Worker
  • Charity Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Human Resources Officers
  • Health Services Manager

Some of these careers may require a master’s degree and further specialization.

Post Graduate Study of Social Health in UK University

In 2018, the Skills for Care reported that those with those who specialized in social work, 74% of postgraduates gained employment as a social worker in the 6-month duration after graduation whereas only 67% of undergraduates gained employment as a social worker 6 months after graduation. Thus, it is advised for those in the social health sector to get a master’s degree for better job prospects.

To learn more about studying social health in UK University, reach out to AHZ Associates for help.

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