Guide to writing an impressive ucas personal statement

What is UCAS?

UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admission Service, which helps full-time students get admitted to higher education institutions in the UK. However, unlike any conventional admission portal, UCAS offers a range of services for students belonging to different age groups and even to teachers who are seeking career advancement. In order to apply for university through UCAS, a student must fill an online application. Perhaps the most important part of this online application is the personal statement, which UCAS will forward to the universities you are planning to apply. The better your personal statement is, the higher are your chances of getting admitted to your desired degree program or course.

Yet what falls into the category of a good personal statement?

While there is no one fixed way to write a good personal statement there are some components, which differentiate a good personal statement from an average or below average one. If you want to create an impressive UCAS personal statement that will help your application stand out, you must first understand what a personal statement entails and what the requirements are. Thousands of students each year apply to Ivy League institutions, however, only a handful of them get accepted. Here are some basic guidelines and tips, which you must understand and stick to in order to get into the university of your dreams because getting good grades is just not enough.

  1. Jot down everything you want to include in the personal statement and create multiple drafts to know exactly how you want to present your case.
  2. Understand that in the personal statement you must explain why the university should give you admission to their program. You must sell them on why you are an ideal student for them. Add any skills you possess which might be relevant to the course you are applying for.
  3. Do not appear overconfident, also state why you want to get into a particular university or program to show your love and dedication for that particular field of study which would demonstrate that you are willing to put in hard work.
  4. Include any prior work experience, study or extracurricular activity that might be relevant to the course you are applying for.
  5. A UCAS personal statement needs to be within the 4000 character limit, which can roughly mean 500 words or so. Do not exceed the character limit or your personal statement cannot be submitted.
  6. Get a friend or mentor to read your personal statement before submitting it to check for any errors, noncompliance of requirements, or any other issues.
  7. Give your personal statement a read before submission to check if you have indeed added all vital details and to see if the statement is interesting.
  8. Do not wait until the last minute to write and submit your UCAS personal statement. Start weeks before the deadline for admissions so you have time to create a quality personal statement.

Visit the UCAS website to double check if you have fulfilled all the requirements of the personal statement and read through their guide once or twice before you start to know exactly how to write your personal statement.

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Uk university september intake 2022