Foundation and Pre-Masters Courses in UK

All you Need to Know about Foundation and Pre-Masters Courses

In order to secure a place in an Undergraduate or Postgraduate program at a UK University, a student needs to meet specific requirements. For international students, the requirement starts with the English language mostly. Then the academic years come into place. Some students finish their High school exams, but studied 12 years and want to start University level study.

Or if a student cannot obtain a certain mark to secure a place in a UK university, they would need to do Foundation before Undergraduate level.

Or, if a student has non-standard entry qualifications. Some courses require to have a certain subject to be finished by a student in High-school or college level.

The great news is if a student does not meet such criteria as detailed above, they still can obtain a university place by completing a foundation or pre-masters program. There are several benefits of studying Foundation or pre-masters in the UK. It will not only help you to guarantee a place in UK University it will also prepare you for a better University and UK life.

Doing pre-masters will allow you to boost your confidence level to a level where you feel that you are entirely ready to enter a masters degree. In a word, studying Foundation and pre-masters degree makes a student’s life much easier before they start an undergraduate or postgraduate course at a UK University.

Where to study a foundation course in the UK?

Many organizations provide a Foundation and pre-masters courses in the UK.


Navitas offers a variety of foundation and pre-masters courses to ten UK Universities, which includes Brunel University London. This is a world-leading educational service provider and learning solution for students who want to do Foundation courses or English courses before ensuring a place for a UK University.


INTO Partner Universities include: City, University of London, University of Manchester, University of Exeter, University of Gloucestershire. It helps students to guarantee a place to study at a suitable degree in a UK university.

If you need to study a foundation or pre-masters course in the UK and looking for advice, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced advisers will guide you to the right path that fits you the most. Book an appointment today with one of our advisers today.

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