Eligibility requirements to pursue a master’s degree in uk

Masters degrees are meant for those students who have already completed their bachelor’s degree or other undergraduate courses. However, there are still many requirements that a prospective master’s student needs to fulfil before they can pursue a master’s degree in UK. Here are the eligibility criteria:

Academic Qualifications

All previous academic records of the student are important, however, the undergraduate degree that the person holds may matter the most. There are certain undergraduate grades that a university takes into consideration when accepting a student into their program. The degrees are classified as followed:


This grade is for students with less than a 40% overall score.


Overall grade of 40%+ is required to qualify for a third class degree.

Lower and upper second

The criteria second class degree entails that a student has over a 50% overall grade. The upper second degree requires an overall grade of 60%+.


To achieve a first class degree you need an overall grade of 70%+.

Universities usually take those students who have an upper second class degree and higher. However, students have the option to opt for pre-masters courses which can help them improve their skills and meet the academic requirement for a master’s degree in UK. Some universities may ask students to complete a Postgraduate diploma or certificate before accepting them in case they do not meet the academic requirements.

You may not even necessarily need an undergraduate degree, as those who have experience in their relative field or have completed vocational courses can also apply for a master’s degree in UK.

Language assessment

For international students, a language proficiency test may be needed when applying for a master’s degree in UK. There are SELTs and postgraduate language tests that assess a prospective student’s English language skills.

Entrance tests

Depending on the university you have applied to, you may have to give an entrance exam to qualify for the postgraduate programme.


Students may have to show proof that they will be able to finance their studies, or that they have qualified for a scholarship which is covering their costs.

Interviews and references

Most institutions call students in for an interview as the last step in their judgement of whether or not the student is qualified for the programme. Also, it can be extremely helpful to get letters from previous professors and bosses to back up your credentials.

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Uk university september intake 2022