The degree of Master in Health and Social Care helps practitioners to develop their critical understanding to the related field. Students have the opportunity to meet their professional goals by enhancing their knowledge. The courses that are offered in the UK have a large potential and are preferred from many students. You can take a look on the list below.


MSc in Adult Nursing

MSc in Strategic Health and Social Care

MSc in Health Psychology

MSc in Environmental Health

MSc in Advancing Healthcare Practice

MSc in Diabetes Care and Management

MSc in Advanced and Specialist Healthcare

MSc in Occupational Therapy

MSc in Health Informatics

MSC in Health Economics

MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology

MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology and Mental Health

MSc Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

MSc Public Health

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice

MSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing

MSc in Healthcare Management (Online)

MSc in Health and Wellbeing

MSc Safety Health and Environment

MSc in health Studies