Top scholarships for international students in the UK

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The UK remains one of the best places to attend university in the world. From its prestigious Russell Group to institutions older than certain countries, it consistently ranks high in the global university league tables. It’s also one of the most popular choices for international students and offers a variety of highly valued scholarships that have turned out world leaders, figures in the arts and popular culture and influential individuals from all over the world. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most prestigious scholarships available which can not only help with financial aid but put you ahead of [...]

Things You Should Know About Commonwealth Scholarships

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“Commonwealth Scholarships, the most prestigious and perhaps the most anticipated dream for every student who wants to study in the United Kingdom. Many of us think it’s not their cup of tea to study in the UK with Commonwealth scholarship, some may fear about going through the overall procedures, and rest of the other people may not at all interested about it; despite fulfilling all the criteria of getting the scholarships. If you hold any of the above thought then our suggestion would be to you is kicked out all the misconception that you probably keeps in your mind. Before [...]

How To Get A Full Scholarship In UK Universities?

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Studying at a university in the UK can be an arduous task when it comes to the management of finances. The studies itself and the cost of living can be quite exorbitant at times. Not to forget that for some international students, their local currency may be depreciating continually thus making the pound sterling more expensive to obtain. In light of such concerns, we will look at UK scholarship options that prospective students can apply for to ease some of the pressure. The Chevening Scholarships One of the best known scholarship awards that students can acquire is called the Chevening [...]

Scholarship to Study in UK for International Students

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The only downside of studying in the United Kingdom is that it does not come cheap. For example, the foreign exchange rates are not kind to students who hail from developing countries. As such, we will look at scholarships to study in UK. If you combine airfare and accommodation to other costs like visa processing, health insurance and the most important (and variable one) tuition fees, then it can put a burden on students and their families. This is where scholarships to study in UK are essential since they facilitate students who may not be able to study in UK [...]

Best Scholarship Opportunities to study in the UK Universities

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Studying in the UK is a dream for students from around the world. However, realizing that dream can take many years. Also, there are several variables in the equation. Given the costs attached to UK universities, it is no wonder that students seek scholarship opportunities. We will take a look at the scholarships to study in UK below. Denys Holland Scholarship (University College London) Fortunately, universities aim to facilitate deserving international students by granting them scholarships to study in UK. One such institute is the prestigious University College London. They have established the Denys Holland Scholarship award for undergraduate students. [...]

All That You Need To Know About Acquiring Scholarships in UK University

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The first thing that almost all aspiring undergraduate students abroad do when looking to study in the UK is to search for scholarships in a UK university. With the ever-increasing tuition fee of higher education institutions. Most of the students are constrained to apply for scholarships at UK University. So, students need to know about the types of scholarships available, as well as how to apply for them. Here is all that you need to know about acquiring scholarships in UK University. Types Of Funding Scholarships mean that you are being awarded money for your course of study, and you do not need to [...]

Different Types of UK Scholarships Offered to International Students

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The tuition fee for almost all universities in the UK is unaffordable for most prospective international students. Thus, many students rely on some of the scholarships offered to international students to be able to get an education in the United Kingdom. Let’s explore some of the different types of UK scholarships offered to international students. The different types of scholarships It is important to note that even need-based scholarships do take an individual’s educational qualifications into mind before allocating them a scholarship to help. Universities offer scholarships of their own, however, it is always recommended to look into other types [...]

UK University Scholarships for International Students

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Here is a list of UK University scholarships for international students The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Global Research scholarship Eligibility: The awards are meant for international students interested in pursuing PhD in any field in 2018-2019. Applicants must pay tuition fees at the rates that are applicable to international students and should have been offered admission to a full-time research program (PhD). The University of Bristol Eligibility: Candidates are eligible to apply for this scholarship if they already hold an offer to an undergraduate or postgraduate full-time program at the University at Bristol. Students who have been sponsored and students in receipt [...]

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