Why the UK should be top of the list for any international student

According to the Times Higher Education publication, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom is the number one university, worldwide, in overall terms. This was the finding of a survey, released in September 2019, that considered a variety of factors – including teaching, research, citations, industry income, international outlook, and student ratios. Ranking at a close second is the California Institute of Technology. With the competition for that top spot being so close, why should international students be putting the United Kingdom at the top of their list for higher education?

A diverse, international community

Over 500,000 international students enrol in UK education every year. This means that, along with great support systems and well organised social calendars, UK universities offer culturally diverse communities that are geared toward welcoming those from all over the world. The Times Higher Education survey, for example, estimates that 41% of those enrolled at Oxford University are international students. For the University of Cambridge – ranked at number three in the survey – 30% of students are from overseas.

World-class education, with world-class opportunities

Universities in the UK are renowned for delivering world-class education while conducting world-class research. This means that the range of opportunities open to international students is second-to-none. Degrees and qualifications from UK educational institutions are recognised and sought by employers around the world, and this generates significant, productive links between UK universities and global industry sectors.

Maximum choice, at a reduced cost

There are over 395 universities and colleges in the United Kingdom, collectively offering over 50,000 courses in more than 25 subject areas. While these institutions work to ensure the experience of international students is broad and rich, higher education courses in the UK are noted to be shorter than their equivalent in other countries. This means students are able to progress into their chosen field quicker, having incurred less living costs during their studies.

Such a range of choice can seem daunting when it comes to deciding which university and course are best for you. Contact AHZ Associates today for personal advice and guidance, tailored to your interests.

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