The UK has some of the world’s best and oldest universities, which provide matchless education to students coming from all walks of life, backgrounds and countries. Medicine is just one of the fields of study available to students out of the countless options being offered.

The study of medicine can land you a career in nursing, surgery, therapy, anesthesiology, pharmacy or maybe as a hospitalist or doctor. There are so many more career options that a student can specialize in if they are planning to study medicine.

If you are planning to study medicine in the UK and aspire to become a leading professional in your desired field, then you need to know what the best universities are and what grades you need to get in. The Complete University Guide has released a list of the best universities to study medicine in the UK. Here are the top five from their list:

1. University of Oxford

Ranked amongst the top universities in the world, the University of Oxford has produced some of the leading minds in various fields including Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wilde, Rupert Murdoch and many more. If you want to study medicine at Oxford University, then you should have at least an A*AA in A-Level or equivalent to fulfil the admission requirements for the Undergraduate program.

2. University of Cambridge

Another world-renowned institution, Cambridge University also has numerous notable names in their list of alumni including Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall, William Wordsworth and many more.

Anyone who wants to get admitted to the Undergraduate program must fulfil a set of requirements including an A*A*A in A Level.

3. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the four ancient universities of Scotland. Though not in the same league as Cambridge University or Oxford University, the University of Glasgow also has some notable names attached to its list of alumni including William Thomson, Adam Smith and Edwin Morgan. Anyone who wants to get admitted to their undergraduate program must fulfil the admission requirements including an AAA in A Level.

4. Swansea University

Founded in 1920, Swansea University offers a three-year undergraduate degree in medicine. The university has produced some brilliant but lesser known individuals including Edward George Bowen, Terry Matthews and David Cornthwaite. The entry requirements for BSc Applied Medical Sciences set by Swansea University include an AAB or ABB in A Level.

5. Imperial College London

The London-based public research university, the Imperial College London aims to benefit society through reaching breakthroughs and advancements in the fields of medicine, science, business and engineering. The university’s alumni including Alexander Fleming, H. G. Wells, Thomas Henry Huxley, Frederick Gowland Hopkins, Sir William Henry Perkin and Alan Blumlein share this philosophy.


Anyone who wants to be accepted to the MBBS/BSc Medicine program at this prestigious institution needs to fulfil the entry requirements, which include an AAA in A Level. While these were the crème de la crème amongst universities offering medicine, there are many other universities that offer quality education and excellence in the subject.

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