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Studying in the UK is a dream for students from around the world. However, realizing that dream can take many years. Also, there are several variables in the equation. Given the costs attached to UK universities, it is no wonder that students seek scholarship opportunities. We will take a look at the scholarships to study in UK below.

Denys Holland Scholarship (University College London)

Fortunately, universities aim to facilitate deserving international students by granting them scholarships to study in UK. One such institute is the prestigious University College London. They have established the Denys Holland Scholarship award for undergraduate students.

International students who cannot afford studies in UK without additional financial support are given this scholarship. The only requirement for the university is that these students maximize their potential and use all the opportunities they are given at UCL.

The scholarship is worth an astonishing 9000 pounds per annum and essentially covers the bulk of the tuition fees for the year.

Chancellor’s International Scholarships (University of Sussex)

Another excellent opportunity for brilliant students exploring scholarships to study in UK is called the Chancellor’s International Scholarship. This is awarded at The University of Sussex and is available at the vast majority of schools there.

Naturally, students must meet the usual prerequisites of having an excellent prior academic performance. The recipients are always non-EU candidates who are eligible for and garnered a full-time postgraduate taught degree at The University of Sussex.

Think Big Scholarships (Bristol University)

Another scholarship award that is specific to a university is called the Think Big Scholarship and is given to those who study at Bristol University. In 2019, the university committed a staggering 500,000 pounds to the noble cause of helping the best and brightest international students who seek admission at the University.

The Think Big scholarship is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students who will enrol this year. In addition, the tuition fee awards start from 5000 pounds and may go up to 20000 pounds.

International Ambassador Scholarships (University of West London)

The International Ambassador Scholarship is awarded in recognition of outstanding students who travel from all around the world to pursue higher studies in the United Kingdom. They are provided financial support regardless of whether they study an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

The scholars are then designated as international ambassadors for The University of West London. In total, up to 50 scholarships are available with each one being worth 5000 pounds.

Chancellor’s Scholarship (University of West England)

Another excellent opportunity for prospective students is called the Chancellor’s Scholarship at The University of West England. Situated in the city of Bristol, the institute offers more than a hundred thousand pounds worth of scholarships for international students on an annual basis.

Recipients are required to participate in an internship at the International Development Office and other departments in order to acquire the scholarship award. Once they do so, they can obtain the award which covers their full tuition for one academic year.

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Uk university september intake 2022