A guide for students on finding accommodation in uk

Being able to study in the UK is something most students strive for. The quality of education as well as the exposure that one gain through the experience is attractive for many high-school students and their parents. However, one of the biggest concerns for international students who are applying for further studies is finding adequate, affordable and sustainable accommodation in UK. However, there is no need to fret, as here is a small guide for prospective students on finding places to live in UK.

Types of accommodations

There are numerous kinds of accommodations in UK that are popular amongst students. All have a difference in the amenities they provide, whether they are shared or private and how much they cost to rent. Here are some of the prominent places to live in UK for international students:

Student Halls

Student halls are usually the first option students opt for when looking for places to live in UK, due to the availability of all necessary facilities in the building alongside the opportunity to meet all kinds of new people and get to know your classmates more, as well as find your community to feel comfortable as a foreign student. There are two types of student halls: one is the university provided dormitories and the other is privately owned and managed student halls. In general, it is obvious that the university dorms cost less than privately owned student halls, however with university dorms, you have to make sure to enrol early or you may not be getting a room! The positives are that it is on campus, thus you will not have to travel a long distance to and from your room to class. The privately owned dorms are more expensive, however, are well-maintained and offer the quality that the price demands. And for those who do not prefer sharing their space with other people would not find a dorm suitable for them. Some of the famous privately owned student halls are APT Student Living in Wembley, Victoria Hall in London and the Independent Student Living in West Hampstead.

A guide for students on finding accommodation in uk 1
A Guide for Students on Finding Accommodation in UK 2

Renting flats or houses

For those who prefer a more intimate setting, a shared flat or house with a couple of friends or colleagues would be the most suitable. You can find comfortable places to live in UK within your price range. For those who prefer living alone and can afford it, renting out a flat or house can be the best choice.

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